How to be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman

How to be a Good Wife by Emma ChapmanProduct description: I know what my husband would say: that I have too much time on my hands; that I need to keep myself busy. That I need to take my medication. Empty nest syndrome, he tells his friends at the pub, his mother. He’s always said I have a vivid imagination.

A debut novel published a year ago which I have only just heard about but it immediately intrigued me and so with one click it was downloaded onto my Kindle and 24 hours later I have finished it. It is a psychological thriller which is ghostly, haunting, disturbing and chilling and left me feeling quite drained. It is set in Scandanavia and as with all those thrillers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway that we are so obsessed with on TV, the current one being The Bridge, it feels much the same, very bleak and colourless and yet strangely compelling.

Fans of Before I Go To Sleep will love this gripping story however it will certainly not reveal the secret for a long and happy marriage!