How To Have Lovely Feet That You’ll Be Proud to Show Off

How to have lovely feet.  Lockdown has made DIY beauticians of quite a few of us hasn’t it. Most of us are quite happily painting our own toenails for example. But do we all remember to look at the state of our heels? With this glorious weather we are having, it’s too hot and sweaty to trap our feet in anything but revealing sandals. So here are a few tips on how to have lovely feet that you’ll be proud to show off anywhere (front and back!):

Cracked sore heels 

5* cream – £7 from Boots

To be fair, one of the reasons we get hardened heels is wearing sandals that don’t cushion or support our feet very well.  If your heels are already hard, cracked and bleeding (ouch!) you’ll need to sort out the fissures first. Husband (yes, I know he’s not female but if he can sort out his callouses then our female heels will be a breeze in comparison!) had success with a cream called Lotil. It contains rosemary extract – a highly effective anti-oxidant – and aloe vera, well known for its moisturising and soothing properties as well as its anti-inflammatory benefits.


Can develop from too tight sandals, digging straps or sunburn. To pop or not to pop? The best-case scenario is to let the blister heal on its own. Just dab with antiseptic cream and cover with a plaster. But if you can’t resist, pop it with a sterilised safety pin (heat the end) and drain the fluid. Do not remove the excess skin – it acts as a barrier to protect the fresh skin from infection. Dab on antiseptic cream and cover it up.

Rough heels

The best foot file – ever

I have tried lots of different products to keep the hard skin on my heels at bay but none, and I mean none (especially those pathetic battery operated rollers), work better than this Bio Sana Pedi-File Foot Dresser which was recommended to me by Jane Wormleighton, who is an outstanding podiatrist.

This foot file lasts for literally months. All you need to do is give it a quick scrub with a washing up brush after you have used it and leave it to dry. It has an antibacterial and waterproof coating and rough and fine sides. But most of all it is effective. Not boasting but I have seriously smooth heels and it is all down to this particular foot file. The size is perfect, not too small and not too large. You can use it in the shower ie wet, or dry. Don’t be tempted to buy one that looks similar, this is the real deal. 

Dry skin

how to have lovely feet foot hygiene cream from Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygiene Cream. In a nutshell, it’s an incredibly effective, multi tasking cream to help relieve symptoms of sore, dry, blistered skin and discoloured nails. £20


To gel or not to gel?  

Gel and shellac is fab for an instantly-dry varnish in the winter when you don’t want to dash home from the salon in the freezing rain wearing your flipflops. However, in the warmer months, I think Nailberry’s breathable varnishes are worth consideration. Annabel takes this award winning, non toxic varnish to the salon and asks them to use it instead of their own products – read her post here.

Or you might like another brand that my sister treated me to – Gel Effect longwear plumped polish by Nails.Inc. I like the ultra glossiness of this high pigment polish which incorporates a nourishing flower extract to help strengthen and condition your nails. The wide brush makes application a breeze and the polish has a plumping agent which levels out any imperfections on your nail.


When it comes to applying suntan lotion, the tops of our feet are one of the most commonly missed areas.

Sweaty feet 

If your feet are slipping and sliding in your sandals, try sprinkling talcum  powder once or twice a day to wick away moisture. If you wear sneakers, look for socks labelled ‘moisture wicking’ to keep perspiration at bay. Where there’s sweat, there’s odour. Scrub, not soak, your feet daily and dry thoroughly, patting dry in between your toes.

Yellowing nails 

Usually are the result of a fungal infection.  Read more here 


Once a week, exfoliation will help you get rid of surface dry skin cells, making your feet look and feel smoother. Plus your moisturiser will be more effective when you slough off flaky skin first. Try a refreshing peppermint foot salt-based scrub, such as the one from the Body Shop featured above. If your skin is dryer, opt for a sugar scrub as it is less dehydrating.

Enjoy your lovely feet!

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  1. Your magazine is absolutely a real gem, I have sweaty feet, am I pleased about putting some talcum powder in the shoes!!! thank you and looking forward to your next publication.

    • LOL Hetty – that was an honest comment! Delighted you find A&G Magazine useful… have a great weekend. Best wishes, Grace

  2. I have to agree that the Bio Sana Pedi-File Foot is absolutely the best! I had only used it a couple of times and was so impressed that I ordered another one for my daughter. It really is very effective and has given me lovely soft heels. Thank you so much for the recommendation and thank you both for continuing to produce Annabel and Grace during lockdown. I look forward to the Wednesday and Saturday updates!

  3. Dear Grace
    I hope you don’t think I’m speaking out of turn but I have to tell you how FAB you look holding the foot file!
    Lockdown has obviously been terrific for you in spite of your near meltdown recently when you were tearing your hair out in one of your previous post photos.
    I look forward so much to your wonderful newsletters, so full of great ideas. I’ve purchased several item recommendations over the weeks and been very happy.
    Annabel’s lockdown diary is a delight to read and I wish her husband a very speedy recovery from his op.
    Very best wishes to you both

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