How to Look Slimmer – instantly. Grace’s Top 12 Tips

Like most women I know, I could do with losing half a stone (at least!). But is that actually true? If you dress according to your bodyshape, have good posture and want to enjoy life without constantly worrying about calories, then we should learn to love our curves. So a few tricks on how to look slimmer should be very handy. Very handy indeed. These invaluable tips will work across the board regardless of your particular size or shape – no diet or exercise required!

1. Choose the right size

Buying the correct size is imperative. Choosing a size 10 won’t make you look like a size 10 if you are actually a 12. And let’s face it, sizing varies enormously – one brand’s 10 is another’s 14. Putting on enormous baggy tops and tracksuit pants won’t do you any justice either. Don’t worry about your extra half a stone – that extra weight fills out wrinkles and will make you look younger. All you have to do is wear clothes that skim your body (not squash or drown it).

2. Practise proper posture

My second tip probably makes the greatest difference. Standing up straight with your shoulders back will pull in your tummy and make you look at least 7 pounds lighter. It makes a huge difference visually. Also prevents the dreaded dowager’s hump that is all too easy to acquire as we get older.

3. Smooth out lumps & bumps

How to Look Slimmer - instantly.  Grace's Top 12 Tips M&S shapewear

Shapewear used to be more functional than attractive (or indeed comfortable), but things have changed over the years thank goodness.

Marks and Spencer is very well known for it’s excellent underwear – so worth checking out their shapewear products.

Make sure you choose the correct size – sizing down will not make you look thinner.

My personal can’t-do-without (even on hot summer days!) is the light control seamless Shaping Body £15 (pictured here).

4. Find well fitting jeans

Too much stretch will merely accentuate your lumps and bumps. Ideally, look on the label for 2% elastane, lycra or spandex.

Go for a dark colour and leave the pale distressed denim for the millennials.

Mid rise or high waisted jeans will smooth out your curves, giving you a neater shape. Fit and flare jeans will make your legs look about 5″ longer. You might also like to read my Tips On Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans

5. Cinch your waist with a belt

If you like wearing belts, wide ones immediately help you look slimmer by covering more of your waist.

Narrow belts tend to call attention to a large waist. Choose one with a bit of stretch to cinch your waist in.

If you are not keen on belts, wear clothes that are ruched at the waist.

6. Use jewellery to create a leaner look

A necklace draws the eye to wherever you put it. Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from hips and to the front and center of your body.

Loving this necklace from Etsy which hangs centrally – so if you’re busty it won’t swing over one boob (as I know from personal experience!).

Mid-chest necklaces or big chandelier earrings say look at your face (and not your middle). Bold accessories, like large, brightly coloured bracelets and/or large cocktail rings will draw attention to your slim wrists, making your whole body smaller by comparison and drawing attention away from your upper arms.

7. Leave your jacket undone

How to Look Slimmer - instantly.  Grace's Top 12 Tips Open jackets

An open jacket is extra-slimming worn over V-neck tanks and dark-wash jeans. A longer jacket or top will make you look slimmer.

The crisp straight lines and narrow lapels of, in particular, a blazer counteract excess curves.

This navy blue linen tuxedo blazer, for example, is from Sosandar £75 is a perfect example of how stylish this tip can look.

8. Add some height

How to Look Slimmer - instantly.  Grace's Top 12 Tips Neutral shoes with heel

Wearing heels is a bit of a no brainer, as looking taller makes you look slimmer.

Wedges are ideal as they tend to be more comfortable. These Cassie Espadrilles in Oatmeal could be the only pair of shoes you will need this Summer. £85 from Boden.

If you love heels, then make sure they are pointed (the sexiest kind!). A slender toe and thin heel work to extend the narrow silhouette of calves.

Wear neutral coloured shoes with tanned legs – coordinated tones elongate your silhouette. In the winter wear navy opaque tights with navy shoes… you get the drift.

9. Avoid bold prints, choose one colour

Avoid prints – solid colours make you look trimmer. Wearing one colour top to toe creates an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look thinner and taller. Any colour will do but darker colours are better. Highlight with bright or patterned accessories. Our wonderful Queen is a past master at monochromatic outfits.

10. V is for victory

How to Look Slimmer - instantly.  Grace's Top 12 Tips Kettlewell Colours summer dress

Minimise a larger bust by wearing a V neck.

Could be a tee shirt (or blouse with a few buttons undone) or something like this Louella dress from Kettlewell Colours.

The open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body.

11. Choose your fabrics carefully

Some fabrics actually help slim and shape. For example ‘flat’ materials don’t add volume. Pick cotton, denim, silk, or jersey. Wear bulky materials sparingly, such as corduroy, crushed velvet, mohair or taffeta.

12. Vertical not horizontal

How to Look Slimmer - instantly.  Grace's Top 12 Tips  Stripes horizontal from Me+Em

Vertical stripes create a long lean line.

Whether it’s a shirt, dress or pair of iconic Me+Em striped trousers – there are lots to choose from, including these Prince of Wales sporty track pants.

Hope these tips have encouraged you to stand tall and enjoy those calories! Grace x

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7 months ago

Good tips – thanks. Wearing good underwear is a game changer. Another tip for looking slimmer is ‘Only wear single breasted jackets/coats’. Wearing double breasted jackets makes you immediately look wider.