How To Stay Cool In Very Hot Weather – 11 Great Ideas

Now that the sun is forecast to beat down on us this weekend, you may well be thinking about how best to stay cool. Here are our top tips. Some may seem obvious but it’s worth reminding yourself of everything that you can do to keep your body temperature down…

DRINK WATER so that you stay hydrated. If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Ideally, avoid fizzy drinks, coffee or alcohol. 

RINSE YOUR WRISTS AND FEET with cold water to cool down

SOAK A SMALL TOWEL in cold water, wring out and  drape around your neck

EAT SALADS + COLD SOUPS avoid meat and protein-heavy foods during the heat of the day as these increase metabolic heat production. 

STAY OUT OF THE MIDDAY SUN – seek shade under a tree – it can feel up to 15 degrees cooler. Remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours.

ELECTRIC FAN place some ice in front of your fan, it will cool the air.

SPRITZ YOURSELF refrigerate a spray bottle filled with pure water and use to cool yourself down. Or walk through a garden sprinkler.

WEAR LOOSE FITTING COTTON/LINEN – lighter colours keep you cooler

CLOSING CURTAINS & BLINDS will significantly reduce the heat in your home. Downstairs will be cooler than upstairs.

ICE CUBES like these will not only cool your cooling drinks, but make them sooooo pretty…

Ice cubes (but not as you know them)
Ice cubes (but not as you know them)
Ice cubes (but not as you know them)

Or how about ice straws? Treat yourself to one of these ice straw freezing trays. Adults and kids alike will LOVE these! Such fun.

One last cool idea:
Add ice cubes to your pet’s water dish to help them stay cool during hot weather.

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