I’m just a girl who can’t say no!

I haven’t blogged for some while because well – life just plods on! Mr Adorable is now dating someone else and, as much as it broke my heart, he clearly doesn’t see me as girlfriend material so I have had to man up and make the decision to carry on seeing him and accept we will always be just good friends! My life is very full and I have decided I need to try to be more assertive. It appears I’m just a girl who can’t say no! I still volunteer at the local theatre although not as much as I should and the local hospice which I love and wish I could do more of. I have been roped in to organise some social events as I have been elected onto a committee for the local town council (how did that happen?)

I'm just a girl who can't say no!

But my biggest news is that I have a new job. To run with my “normal” day job which keeps me out of mischief every morning. I have become a wedding celebrant and I am LOVING it. What’s not to like about marrying people and being in a room full of love. Two excited expectant faces and a room full of guests to admire. There are so many wonderful venues around Henley that they needed more staff to cope with demand. And it suits me to a tee. I have already done about half a dozen – all very different and it looks my spring and summer will be very busy.

I have had a couple of dates – nice enough chaps but no sparks and no second dates. I saw a man who had great potential and we actually had three dates! Unheard of, but I had read somewhere you should meet at least three times before writing someone off. As my dating experience has not been successful thus far I thought I’d try this ethos. However when I challenged him on the fact that he texts and calls all the time except at weekends he went into radio silence! He offered no reasonable explanation for this and so was dropped pretty quick. I am in text message conversation with a couple of guys who seem nice enough but, to be honest, my social diary is such I cannot fit them in for a couple of weeks!

So as much as I think I have nothing to tell – life is full and the sun is shining…

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Jan Brown
Jan Brown
6 years ago

Dear Sassy, I love the sound of your positive spirit! Wishing you all the best in meeting new people and making connections. Being a wedding celebrant sounds completely joyous! Enjoy your busy summer.