New Finds: Interesting Products we’re sure you will like…

As you probably already know, Annabel and I are all about sharing good ideas. So here are a few more interesting products that we have found recently and been very pleased we did.

First off, something my sister gave me ages ago and which, I’ll freely admit, I’ve only just started using. I thought it was massage oil you see, but I was wrong. And, boy, was I missing out!

De-Stress Mind Bath Shower Oil is a concept I’ve never come across before. You can either add a capful to your bath or smooth a few drops on your body immediately before showering. Not only does it moisturise your skin, the fragrance is superb and you are mentally transported to a luxury spa. Talk about instantly relaxing.

This therapeutic product is made by Aromatherapy Associates who, over the last 30 years, have been bringing the healing powers of scent and pure essential oils into some of the world’s best spas and First Class cabins. Their concentrations of essential oils hover around 30% – which is about as high as you can go.

De-Stress Mind Bath Shower Oil is currently on offer at Liberty London MORE INFO

As Autumn has well and truly arrived and the heating is back on, I went in search of my Fitflop slippers so that I could be really cosy in the evenings. Turns out Marvellous-Mother-In-Law had the same idea. She phoned me at wine-o-clock last night to tell me she had treated herself to some new ones. “I’m absolutely thrilled with them. Like all Fitflops they are fabulously comfortable, toasty warm for bare feet with the shearling lining and, importantly for me, have rubber soles for standing in the garden with a reluctant dachshund in all weathers!” You guessed it, they are exactly the same ones as I have. According to the FitFlop website, these shearling slippers – The Chrissie – are selling fast and I’m not surprised.

Available in five colours, they are lightweight, slip on with ease and stay on. Like all FitFlop footwear, they are ergonomically shaped for comfort and support. I can vouch for their durability too as I’ve been wearing mine for at least two years now. As FitFlop says: Slip them on and you may never want to leave the house. Pretty handy then if we go into lockdown again.

The Chrissie suede slipper is available at FitFlop MORE INFO

Should we be taking vitamins to boost our immune system against coronavirus? Well it seems not. A balanced diet is all we need apparently according to this really interesting Which? article. There is, however, one supplement that experts agree is good for us during the winter months and that is Vitamin D. I’ve heard rave reviews for a company called Healthspan and so I ordered a pack of their best selling Super Strength Vitamin D3. 60 tablets for £3.95 with free postage. So, not going to break the bank but, along with my flu jab I’ve just had, will hopefully give my immune system a bit of a boost. And with the battle against Covid being a potentially long one, I think it’s worth taking – admittedly small – but sensible steps to protect ourselves.

Like to go to the Healthspan website? CLICK HERE

Monopoly Deal – a card version of the board game. Terribly easy to learn. Great family game particularly with the long winter nights approaching. Also you can pop it in your suitcase and play it on holiday as Annabel did for her recent holiday. It doesn’t as take long to finish as the board game does. To learn how to play, her advice would be to play a few open hands.

Available from Amazon MORE INFO

Face mask box – as we are all having to wear masks now, these are great to keep your mask clean and you can clip the holder onto your handbag so that you can access it quickly when needed. Rummaging around in your handbag for a face mask and then finding it is a bit grubby is not exactly very sanitary. Also this way you can quickly see that you have a mask with you as you leave the house.

Face mask box from Amazon MORE INFO

Annabel says: “This mask box is genuinely really good. There is a matching hand sanitiser holder that you can decant your big bottle of sanitiser into. I clip one in my car and one to my bag.”

Hand Sanitiser holder from Amazon MORE INFO

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