Style Tips For An Inverted Triangle Body Shape

Go to Kettlewell websiteWhy is it that we get up some days, get dressed and feel confident. And on other days, get dressed and feel – well, dressed. Obviously this is all to do with the clothes you have chosen to put on. Do you feel you’ve done yourself justice?  Or have you just slung on something super slouchy and comfortable because it was easier?  In my humble opinion (and goodness knows I don’t always get it right) I think feeling good about yourself has a huge amount to do with WHAT you are wearing and what COLOUR it is. So, much as you adore that short jacket that you picked up for pennies in a sale, if you actually suit a longer length, then now’s the time to have that wardrobe clear out.  Here are our style tips for an inverted triangle body shape…

Style tips for an Inverted Triangle body shape
The very knowledgeable Jo, personal stylist at Kettlewell Colours

A few weeks ago, Annabel and I went to see the lovely team at Kettlewell in their immaculate new premises in Somerset. We were on a mission to find out the best looks for two kinds of body shape – the Column and the Inverted Triangle. Anyhow, you can tell a happy company by the people that work there – busy, friendly staff who are obviously looked after and love their jobs. One of these is Jo, a personal stylist, who showed me a few things that would suit my particular body shape. (There’s a video at the end of this article). I always thought I was an Apple but turns out that I am an Inverted Triangle. This means that the top part of your body is larger than your lower half – so you usually wear a bigger size on top. Shoulders are wider than hips; the bust tends to be proportionally larger and hips small. If you’d like to know what body shape you are click here.

Style tips for an Inverted Triangle body shapeMy first outfit was Kettlewell’s best selling silky roll neck (great for disguising my wrinkly neck although Jo was far too polite to say so!) which is available in 29 different colours and 5 sizes. £39.

The city poncho (hides the tummy) in Rustic Red Marl (10 other colours available) £69. The Marie Velour  trousers (slim and straight is flattering for Inverted Triangles) are £65.

Style tips for an Inverted Triangle body shape

In this photo, Jo put together this long Rio Wrap in Marine Navy (there are 14 more colours to choose from) £69. It drapes beautifully, is very slimming and a super useful piece. I love layers, especially with this mercurial weather we’ve been having lately in the UK.

The silk blend shirt was to die for. I’m wearing the most stunning Moss colour (am saving up for this one!) I would recommend taking a size up if you want to treat yourself to one of these elegant, machine washable beauties. £119. Worn here with Rich Navy Bella Corduroy trousers £65.

As to the importance of colour, if you choose hues that light up your complexion, you are bound to look healthier.

Style tips for an Inverted Triangle body shape
Bright pink may be a stunning colour on some people, but it washes me out.
Style tips for an Inverted Triangle body shape
As I’m an Autumn, this green is much more flattering.

Kettlewell fashion is available in a mind boggling total of over 300 different colours. If you are looking for a particular shade, you are highly likely to find it. As a long time fan of this brand, I can also confirm that the colours stay true, wash after wash, and I’ve found the ironing side of things easy too. Their latest collection of must-have casual clothes is definitely worth a browse. Go to Kettlewell website

And that video I promised you earlier…