Is No-One Listening? What Will Happen to Our Beautiful World?

As Christmas has drawn to a close and my darling little family from Australia head back on the 380 Qantas Bird which will transport them to the land of  burning bushfire, ash and rotten air.. I just wonder… why oh why are the powers that be not listening?  Does it have to take a whole continent to burn before people listen and take note of the world’s climate changes?

In my last blog post I mentioned it was my wise grandmother who pointed out we had two ears and one mouth and that we should use them in that ratio. Is no one listening to what will happen to our beautiful world?

How can the “grey burghers of Sydney Council” carry on with the fireworks? They are not listening to the Sydney-siders who want the money to go to firefighting and firefighters. 

I have been told by a reliable source that they, the fireworks (properly wrapped) can be kept for another year. The Australians are tearing their hair out with a Prime Minister and  local government who  are not listening to them. Surely anyone can see – apart from the waste of money – that Sydney Bridge alight with fireworks is sending absolutely the wrong messages. Talk about burning your bridges. 

Let us not suffer the same fate. And it’s not only about listening. We  must activate. We are the over fifties. We are able and wise. We are also the baby boomers. We have a voice. We are the parents of the money earners. They are a powerful voice. Work on them. Do your bit. We must stand together, accumulate knowledge, act on advice and keep our wonderful world going. 

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