Husband sent me these pix from his mobile while I was away in Ibiza…. with the text “Still can make a souffle!”.  He and my son got their aprons on and knocked up some of his favourite recipes that he used to cook twenty five years ago (before he met me and I commandeered the kitchen!) and this is his favourite.

Loosely translated from the French, souffle means ‘a puff of wind’ but it also means ‘flabbergasted’ which is what I am when I taste one… so light, so yummy. This is his recipe which he claims is easy peasy and takes the fear out of making a souffle…just be positive and will turn out fine!


INGREDIENTS Serves 2 lucky people

300ml milk
55g butter
50g flour
4 large eggs, separated
Generous handful of grated Gruyère and Cheddar combined
Tspn English mustard



First make a simple bechemel sauce, not too runny (butter, plain flour, milk, salt and pepper to taste).  Add teaspoon of English mustard to sauce.

Lightly butter sides and bases of ramekin dishes.

Yoke four eggs.

Add grated cheese to sauce then add egg yokes. Stir to make smooth.

Whisk egg whites until stiff.

Scoop spoonful of egg white and mix lightly in to the sauce.

Pour sauce in to egg whites and fold gently using metal spoon so as not to lose air in egg whites.

Pour in to dishes and place on baking tray in middle of 200 degree oven for 15-20 mins until soufflé has risen and the tops are golden brown.

Serve immediately et voila!