Woman of the Week: Jane Gordon

Jane Gordon / Woman of the Week / Blog / The CountryWives

We are so thrilled to be able to feature Jane Gordon as our Woman of the Week. She is a brilliant journalist (Stella magazine & Daily Mail), novelist, fabulous friend to the CountryWives, mother to Bryony, Naomi and Rufus and grandmother to Edie. If you have not read her weekly column, Mum & Me at the back of Stella magazine, that she writes with her daughter Bryony, then you are missing out. It is funny, honest and always hits the spot with us older women. In the column she occasionally mentions ‘Belle’ her friend and adviser on country ways, and many other issues like facial hair – Belle is Annabel!

Jane Gordon now shares with all of us some of her secrets and what makes her tick.

Jane Gordon / Woman of the Week / Blog / The CountryWives

How would you describe yourself? I suppose I am essentially a woman who refuses to be invisible and does not accept that fun, fashion, creativity or ambition are the preserve of the young. Even if my three-grown up children rather wish I would just give in, grow up and be a full-time Gran.

What age do you feel right now? My 37-year old daughter Bryony jokes that in three years time ­when she is 40 ­she will actually be older than me. I think she is right!

Where have you lived or would most like to live? Until four years ago I lived in London – Chiswick, South Kensington and Battersea.  I relocated to a cottage in Henley on Thames and can’t think of any place I would rather be.

What you like to do in your free time? Walking my dog, watching Netflix series, going to the movies and attempting to make my garden (and myself) more cultivated!

Where do you shop? I love Zara, adore ME&EM and Boden’s spring/summer collection this year.

Technology: Have you embraced it and if you have, what is your favourite app/website? I limit Social Media to Instagram which seems to exclude trolls, and the apps I use most are Google Maps and WhatsApp which is brilliant for group family communications..

What is your favourite beauty product? Astral, the cheapest face and body moisturiser recommended to me ten years ago by a very famous supermodel (who made me swear I would never name her).

Will you share with us a beauty tip you have learned over the years? On the advice of a close friend I had my eyebrows tattooed and now realise how important they are in defining your face, particularly if you are naturally blonde.

Do you cook? I can do a mean roast but have little interest in cookery books or indeed cooking, probably due to three decades of parenting and my fear of suffering from dinner-party disasters (chef-shaming).

Do you have a favourite author? I loved the books of the rather under-rated Anita Shreve who sadly died recently. My all time favourite is Tender is the Night by F Scott Fitzgerald.

What do you love to watch on TV? Nordic Noir!

Do you have a favourite genre of music? My 25-year old son is embarrassed by the fact that I like some of the most outrageous artists of his generation ­- Kendrick Lamarr (who recently won a Pulitzer), Post Malone, Stormzy, The 1975.

Tell us if there is anything you cannot do without? Coffee, mascara and Annabel & Grace. (We love Jane!)

Who do you most admire/aspire to or are grateful to? My mother who died a decade ago but I still regard as the love of my life.

What are your top tips for #womenover50? I believe that this period of life is the most potentially exciting and the only tip I can think of is to urge women to believe that the menopause doesn’t signal the end of their useful life but the beginning of a liberating time when you can be what and who you want to be.

Thank you Jane for being so open and honest with our readers.

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