Woman Of The Week: Jayne Kethro, founder of T London

Hi. Grace here. Meet Jayne Kethro, our Woman of the Week. I have chatted with Jayne on a couple of occasions at various events and was struck by her style, positive demeanour and the fact that she has founded a successful company based on her travels. Read on…. I think you’ll agree she is a very interesting woman.

Hi Jayne… please introduce yourself

Travel has always been a big passion and it hasn’t lessened as I’ve got older! It has been the inspiration behind my company, T London.  I launched it after quitting a 17-year career with Molton Brown where, although I had been fortunate enough to travel extensively, it was often alone. I particularly remember a moment in the Yucatan Peninsula where I was staying at an idyllic hotel called Ikal del Mar (meaning poetry by the sea). Azure ocean, beautiful blossom on the breeze…. and no one to share it with. That was when the seed for T London was sown – I decided there and then that I wanted to capture travel memories and express them through fragrance. I knew what I wanted to do.

How have you changed since you turned 50?

The thing about 50 for me is this: You grow with age as a result of your own and others’ experiences, you gain wisdom, make smarter decisions. You have learned what is truly important to you. I realised that experiencing life rather than owning more objects was a passion. As a result, I felt more secure and ready to start a new business.

Where have you lived?

I grew up in the West country on the outskirts of a small village next door to a farm. I moved to London to study and then teach television makeup and have been here ever since. However over the last few years I have felt that longing to return to the countryside. I miss the green fields, the woodlands and the quietness. It’s my plan to move back to green pastures and I’ve given myself 5 years. My favourite country abroad is Africa but I would always return home.

What you like to do in your free time?

Pottery. Whilst walking my dog, I bumped into Stine, the founder of skandihus.com whose ceramics studio is just around the corner. Next thing I was booked on a 12 week course and have done several since. It’s so satisfying. During those few hours on a Wednesday evening I don’t think of anything else except for clay‘n’glaze. As usual, I follow my passions, got started and LOVE IT. Gardening is another passion. I have a smallish garden planted with box spheres and only white and mauve/purple flowers are allowed!

Any fashion secrets?

I hate the hassle of going shopping – shopping online is so much more pleasant – from groceries to clothing! I have a couple of online shops I repeatedly buy from – Cashmere & Cotton for my jumpers, the styles are super flattering and the colours are lovely. I believe a good pair of shoes and a handbag are essential – I love flat Tods as I don’t do heels!

Technology: have you embraced it?

The big T – Um….I take it all in my stride. I can’t say I am a massive fan. I have a few apps on my phone which make it easy to run the business from wherever I am. I adore Instagram and enjoy curating T London’s page. WhatsApp is amazing for keeping in touch with people on my travels.

Are there any beauty products that you would recommend?

I religiously cleanse, tone and believe that a good moisturiser is essential. I was recently introduced to a small organic company called loulou belle. I’m using the cleanser and toner which I adore. They smell divine and are wonderful products. They are made in small batches and packed full of botanicals.

Do you cook?

I love cooking. My first cookbook was a Mary Berry, which must be 30 yrs old. I enjoy experimenting with herbs and spices. I adore cardamom & coriander because of their versatility in either main dishes or deserts. I made a cardamom and orange blossom water ice-cream recently…. all I can say was it didn’t last long! Moroccan is a favourite of mine, closely followed by Turkish and then there is Vietnamese. Fortunately for us, we have some amazing Turkish grills and local Vietnamese supermarkets nearby.

What is your favourite tipple?

Gin with a good tonic like Fever Tree.  I recently went to a gin pop up and discovered a taste sensation: large Spanish style shot of gin + tonic + scrunched basil leaves (to release the aromas) + large slice of pink grapefruit. Delicious!

Watch TV programmes do you like to watch?

Usually anything that starts at 9pm. I love TV dramas, especially anything to do with forensics. I also watch a lot of wildlife documentaries. David Attenborough is my hero.

What music moves you? 

I’m going to see Caro Emerald at the Albert Hall in November – I love her concoction of pop/jazz /swing. It’s a great singalong. I also still love listening to all the music I grew up with in the 70’s /80’s.

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