Josh Wood has made colouring your hair at home an easy job

Colouring your hair at home has always been a bit of a terrifying ordeal and many of us have all been there as young girls and experienced the disasters. However Josh Wood, king of colour, has come to our rescue and developed some innovative tools to make our lives easier. Hair colour has come a long way since those early days and now it is much more natural and not so harsh on your hair.

Display of the Josh Wood colour system products

Grace and I welcomed the opportunity to try out some of the new Josh Wood Colour system, the only home hair colour range of its kind, created by the world’s top colour expert.  Anything that makes our lives easier and stops us having to visit the hair colourist so often. Firstly you can either fill in a questionnaire online or you can send in a picture of your hair explaining what you want to achieve. They will reply telling you which products you should purchase. It is as simple as that. Grace and I only filled in the questionnaire and we received perfect products that suited our individual needs.

Annabel: If I let my hair grow out it would be completely white which, with my skin tone, would be like looking at a ghost. I wouldn’t mind if I was the salt and pepper grey look that many women are wearing and looking so glamorous. No I am all salt and no pepper! I am not brave enough to embrace this look so I have lowlights applied every couple of months. It costs a fortune but I say to my OH that it is my only expensive vice. However it means that, after about 6 weeks, I get a 1cm band of white around my face. I am obviously the perfect client to try out the new Josh Wood Colour system. Bravely I volunteered to apply the two products whilst being filmed so that I could share the end results with all of our readers!

The two products I tried out were the root concealer blending brush in darker blonde. It does exactly what it says – it conceals the re-growth but in a very natural way so that it looks like highlights. It says it can last up to three washes but I think that would be stretching it a little however maybe I was a little cautious applying it as it was only my second time when I used it on video (see below). Do not be put off that it is dark brown when it comes out of the pump. Nor be put off by the pungent smell when you dry your hair as that is only when heat is applied to it in the first instance.

Annabel applying Josh Wood root concealer

I also tried the root marker on my eyebrows and I was extremely happy with the results. Not only did it cover the white hairs in my eyebrows but it also, due to its consistency i.e. waxy, kept the stray hairs in place. What is it with my eyebrow hairs as I get older? Nowadays they seem to grow quite wiry and are uncontrollable. Some of my eyebrow hairs are so long and heavy they hang down making me look like a close relative of Denis Healey. Anyway this is certainly a good product to pop in your make-up bag for holidays when you cannot get to a beautician.

Grace: I have had my hair highlighted for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager it was essential to be blonde if you wanted to be cool. Oh yes and I used to have lime green hair when I was a tween – too much swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool! I clearly remember my first ever highlights – the hairdresser yanking strands of my hair through an ugly rubber cap that had been stretched over my head… ouch! And the resultant highlights were terrible – horrible shafts of pure peroxided hair that didn’t reach anywhere near my roots! Anyhow, thankfully things have changed so much and the products used are much kinder to our hair – especially important as it can get very fine as we age.

So I was delighted to test out Josh Wood Colour’s Shade Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner for fine blonde hair. First you go onto their website and click Start your consultation. You answer a few quick questions about your hair type and colour and get your personalised colour recommendations (which, btw, are retrievable when you return to the website at a later date). The shampoo left my hair feeling clean, light and glossy as they promised, although it took me a little while to get used to the fact that it doesn’t lather as much as I’m used to – this is because it is sulphate free. Apparently lather comes from chemicals so John Wood’s formulation is better for one’s hair. Loved the fragrance of the conditioner – it is so fresh and the conditioner itself contains advanced UV filters to prevent fade and natural anti oxidants to keep your hair healthy. All good news, as are the pump dispensers which hold 250ml of product and are the perfect size for ease of use in the shower. Top marks Josh!

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