Josh Wood Hair Colour to use at home to get rid of the grey!

I have written before about Josh Wood hair colour system for home colouring of hair. However, prior to today, I have only used the products that are temporary i.e. they wash out.

Why has it taken me so long to trial this product?

Over the last few weeks I have sat with a box of Josh Wood permanent hair colour in my bathroom nervously reading and re-reading the instructions.

My overriding memories of home hair colour are riddled with feelings of angst. I have, when young, turned my hair a pale shade of Kermit green. I have stunk the house out with the smell of rotting eggs. Many a towel has had to be binned as the hair colour has somehow bleached the colour out of that but done little to my hair. So you can understand my fear and trepidation when considering trying once more.

The Josh Wood colour team are very persuasive and so finally this morning I decided it was now or never. I kept saying to myself, if it works think of the time and money I will save at the hair colourist having all those highlights applied.

How to find the correct colour for you

I had been advised by the Josh Wood colour team that 9.0 was my colour. If you go onto the Josh Wood website you will find a consultation page. Answer all the questions and it should give you the correct colour to use. However if you are still worried you can also send in a picture by email and an expert will give you some personal advice.

My hair is a light blonde which bleaches to pure white in the sun. The dark highlights I have applied professionally once every 6 – 8 weeks. They break up the colour and keep the white at bay. The cost of having these done combined with the time it takes is making me have second thoughts. However I am not ready to go ‘au naturelle’ yet. My very pale skin tone means my face and hair would blend into one.

How it works

The box of permanent hair colour from Josh Wood comes with gloves, a barrier cream to protect your face and a stain removing wipe to clean one’s face if needed. Once I activated the colour i.e. added the tube of colour to the bottle, given it a good shake I was ready to go.

Josh Wood Hair colour home system

You are meant to leave it on the roots and around your face for 30 mins and in the last 10 minutes you add to the rest of your hair. I cut these times a little short as I was nervous. I have no idea why as Josh Wood is the king of colour and these products have gone through a vigorous trial process so the end product would be perfect.

After the 30 minutes, (or 25 minutes in my case) I showered and washed my hair twice and then applied the deep conditioning mask followed by a long rinse and towel dry.


The moment of truth had come and I dried my hair with a hairdryer, anticipating a disaster. Not so. My hair looks amazing, full of bounce and colour. The grey around my parting and face has nearly all gone (maybe the extra 5 minutes would have completely erased them). There is no ammonia in this product so no smell. They have added Hydrolised Quinoa (thought that was a health food) and Shine Complex for ‘fresher, glossier, premium colour’. Tick that box.

Josh Wood Hair Colour - trialed by Annabel
My parting with no sign of grey

The best news is this is all for £10 and 30 minutes spent in your bathroom. I am so thrilled with the permanent colour that I have immediately bought some more. I will still have the odd highlight session just to break the colour up but definitely no longer every 6 – 8 weeks.

Josh Wood is known as the King of Colour and I now understand why. Designing beautiful hair colour is his passion. He understands what a difference the right hair colour can make to how a woman looks and feels.

To purchase any of the Josh Wood home hair colour products click HERE.

For another review of the temporary hair colour tools by Josh Wood click HERE.

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Annabel & Grace
3 years ago

Comment from Nicola:

Hi I am loving the range of topics and helpful articles you cover. I just wanted to let you know that I tried
the Josh Wood colour and it is perfect. I was worried about my roots when going away to Spain for my 6 week break but I ordered a colour using their suggested one. It was easy to do myself and a perfect match. So many thanks.