July: join the Joy Club at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

It’s July at The Joy Club! Officially British Summer Time (although you wouldn’t know it from the weather) and what with the likes of Wimbledon, The Open and the Athletics to enjoy, it’s the perfect month to be focusing on all things sporting!

In addition to our regular member favourites, we have a whole host of sporting (and sporting-adjacent) events and content to inspire you to make the most of the summer.

We’re also very excited to be presenting The Joy Club Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival from 4th to 9th July. Designed by the brilliant Zavier Kwek, The Joy Club garden aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding loneliness and isolation in later life, while highlighting the powerful impact that social connection and community has on us.

Keep reading to find out more about what’s coming this month at The Joy Club…

Join us at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

Monday 4th – Saturday 9th July

This July, we’re going to be soaking up the colourful atmosphere with thousands of horticulture enthusiasts in the magnificent setting of Hampton Court Palace! What’s more, we’re displaying The Joy Club Garden – a show garden designed to highlight the importance of social connection and community in later life.

The garden opens with an area representing social isolation, separated from the rest of the garden by steel screens. This area features a solitary chair and an evergreen pine tree, signifying wisdom and longevity. From here, the planting gradually becomes more colourful, encouraging exploration. A short path leads to a bridge across a pond – a journey that represents reflection and highlights the challenges of reconnecting with others. Across the bridge you’ll find a sociable and inclusive setting with a table surrounded by uplifting mixed planting. A smaller pine tree, which has yet to reach maturity, represents how society as a whole can benefit from nurturing multigenerational relationships.

Are you planning on attending this year’s festival? We’d love to see you there.

Find out more here.

How to train your horse for an Arthurian knight or a modern equestrian

Wednesday 6th July at 1pm

Join lecturer Dr Anastasija Ropa on a bucking journey of equine history from the time of Arthurian lore to the jockeys of today, complete with her own personal anecdotes as a horse trainer and rider.

In this talk, Dr Ropa will share her experience of applying the instructions taken from mediaeval European horse care and training manuals, in combination with evidence from Arthurian romances, to the training of a modern sport horse.

Find out more and book.

Performance for the gods? A short exploration into Indian dance and gesture

Tuesday 12th July at 11am

This illustrated talk will explore the place of Indian classical dance forms in the UK, looking at newer contemporary performances as well as the power of gesture. This is part lecture, part interactive session, and there will be an opportunity to have fun learning some of the gestural hand movements yourself! (This can be done sitting down too).

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Yogalates with Margarita

Thursday 21st July at 9.30am

We are delighted to welcome Margarita Anderson, who will be leading our brand new class – Yogalates. Yogalates is a gentle combination of yoga and Pilates that will leave you feeling stretched and energised. This session will include: standing poses, kneeling and crossed-leg positions on the mat,* twists, forward folds, side bends, core engagement, hip openers and some basic breathwork.

*If you are not comfortable doing exercises on your knees on a mat, Margarita will provide alternative options that use a chair for support. 

Find out more and book.

How much does it cost to become a member of The Joy Club?

There’s plenty more to discover and enjoy at The Joy Club. If you’re not already a member you can sign up and enjoy one month of free Premium membership (normally £5 a month), which will give you unlimited access to all our sessions, our new uplifting articles every weekday and all the conversations happening in our forums.

About The Joy Club

The Joy Club is an online activity club and community that provides inspiration for a joyful retirement. Members can try something new at live online events every weekday, find inspiration with our uplifting articles and videos, and discover a community of like-minded people in our forums. So whether you’d like to try your hand at crafting, practice Tai Chi or join an expert talk – or perhaps you’d prefer to grab a cuppa and settle in to read our latest member interview – there’s something to bring you joy at The Joy Club. Membership is open to anyone living in the UK who is retired or semi-retired.

Member testimonial

I am so pleased I found this group. As someone newly retired I am finding this group really helpful to add some structure to my day, meet other retired people and learn new skills as well as keeping healthy and having fun. As the activities are on Zoom I am getting to meet people from far and wide that I wouldn’t normally meet. This is by far the best £5 a month I spend.” Mrs Robson

Why not give it a go? Join The Joy Club for free today!

More “me time” enjoyment can be found in our Wellbeing section.

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