Kally Sleep: Well Designed Pillows for Anyone With Sleeping Problems

I have to admit that I have never heard of Kally Sleep pillows, however I do have sleeping issues. For this reason I was keen to find a solution.

It all began when I broke my shoulder over two years ago. Following two torturous weeks of pain and sleep deprivation, I am more sympathetic to those that find eight hours of sleep a challenge. Up until then I took my sleep for granted. I climbed into bed and, once my head hit the pillow, I was gone. I enjoyed hours of uninterrupted sleep until my alarm woke me.

However I now find that I suffer from neck and shoulder pain if I do not sleep in exactly the correct position. I have been taught by my physio what this position is. Whilst I begin the night correctly, I inevitably move. This often results in a stiff neck or a pain through my right, repaired shoulder.

Kally Pillows: The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow

When Kally Pillows approached us to review their pillows, I chose The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow. When I received it from Kally Sleep I was pleased to see that it was not as dense as a memory foam pillow. I have tried these and they give me more neck ache than my normal pillows. It is definitely firmer than a normal pillow, but is still comfortable. The ends of the pillow seem firmer thus keeping my head in the correct place.

The Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow has been designed to give side-sleepers balanced support, helping to prevent neck and back pain during sleep. Its walled sides help to align your head, neck and spine and offer an extra level of quality comfort, maintaining its shape over long periods of use. 

Does it work?

Kally Sleep side sleeper pillow from review 'Kally Sleep pillows': a well designed pillow for anyone with sleeping problems'

In my opinion it does, as it helped me to sleep. After two weeks I noticed I was not experiencing any neck pain. I am currently on holiday without my side sleeper pillow and, whilst the pillows at our villa are very comfortable, my shoulder pain has returned. I am going to henceforth be the person that travels with their own pillow!

Kally Sleep are going to send us some Anti-Snore Pillows to review which, if they work with my husband, will then enable me to enjoy a nightly eight hours of uninterrupted sleep!

More info on the Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow:

  • Walled design provides balanced support for head and neck
  • Box shape allows the filling to be evenly distributed throughout the pillow
  • Supportive Hollowfibre interior also moulds perfectly to the head shape
  • Soft breathable cotton outer layer keeps you perfectly cool
  • Promotes side sleeping – the healthiest sleep position
  • Easy clean – pillow is machine washable
  • Premium quality – made in the UK
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Firmness = medium

For more information on Kally Sleep products, visit their website by clicking HERE.

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