Keeping your home safe

Protect your houseEvery time we go away I worry about being burgled. Not sure why because we have the nosiest neighbour in the universe and his two Alsation guard dogs bark at a flea farting, so it’s unlikely that any intruder will go unnoticed. But, when we arrive back home, I always gird my loins as I put the key in the door, expecting to see our home ransacked. So, despite neighbour and his howling hounds, I am going to be extra careful in future. If the worse does happen, following these suggestions will limit the damage (if not the emotional agony).burglar

CONTENTS INSURANCE – despite my personal feeling that “insurance is great – so long as you don’t actually want to claim for anything”, being with a reputable insurer does make sense. It may make you feel nauseous every time you look at the exorbitant monthly direct debit but, if the worst should happen and you are cleaned out by burglars, then a good insurer will pay up quickly and fairly.

SERIAL NUMBERS – write down the serial numbers of your TV, laptops, mobiles and stereo system.

SPARE KEYS – leave a set with a neighbour or relatives.

PHOTOGRAPH  expensive jewellery, paintings and other valuables.

RECEIPTS – every time you buy something valuable, file away the shop receipts.

BACK UP your (irreplaceable) digital photographs

FIND REALLY GOOD HIDING PLACES for your precious items or put them in a safe.

TIMER SWITCHES – inexpensive, but a great deterrent to a potential burglar.

BOGUS CALLERS – thieves don’t always wait until you are away. Some con their way in to your house, so ask for ID if you are unsure or call the organisation he/she purports to be from.

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