My Top 9 All-Time Fabulously Useful Kitchen Gadgets

Like a lot of women, I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen. It’s probably my favourite room in the house. And it’s the place that family and friends always want to seem to congregate in isn’t it! I’m a simple soul and am happiest on a Sunday morning prepping the veg for lunch as I watch Andrew Marr on the telly. One of the reasons I am happy is because I have some brilliant gadgets to help me. So I thought I would share with you my all time fabulously useful kitchen equipment…

Zeal Silicone Non-Scratch Spatula Spoon. The Aga Lady, Sarah Whitaker, (don’t miss her really interesting article – Ten Top Aga Tricks You Wish You’ll Already Knew) recommended this to me and it is so useful. Flat ended, it’s specially designed so that it’s perfect for scraping without scratching your cookware. Odour, stain and heat resistant. Non stick. Dishwasher proof. Firm handle with loop for easy storage. Eight colours available. £8.60

Annabel told me about this amazing piece of kit – a stainless steel microplane that is the best lemon zester, garlic and ginger grater plus lots more. It has razor sharp blades, non slip handle and it does the job brilliantly. £9.99

Joseph Joseph Folio Chopping Board Set £50 (reduced from £60 at the time of writing). The different colour coded boards prevent cross contamination. Very durable and dishwasher proof. Choose from White, Graphite or Silver and larger size boards are available for £60.

I don’t think I could live without my e-cloths. The general purpose ones work wonders when it comes to keeping surfaces clean and seem to get even stubborn marks off with only water. Machine washable 300 times. Likewise the e-cloth deep clean mop (£14) which keeps your kitchen floor hygienic without using chemical cleaners.

Chefs rings. A great way to serve rice or make individual Dauphinoise. I also use mine for my Prawn & Salmon Burgers with Spicy Mayo recipe. £11.99

Equipment doesn’t have to be expensive to be invaluable. I have been using my Ikea roasting tins (two sizes – one £4 and the other £6) for a decade. Yes, I know you won’t believe me but it’s true. They are still as shiny as new. Absolutely fabulous.

No, I haven’t gone mad (yet). Clothes pegs (wooden or plastic) are excellent closures ie to stop an opened bag of peas from spilling out into your freezer. £3.99 for 36.

One hand kitchen towels are brilliant – have you tried them yet? One stack, 100 towels. Available from your local supermarket. £1.50