Ruby Robinson – Annabel & Grace Magazine’s Woman of the Week

Thanks to Ginny Vere Nicoll for writing this article about the wonderful Ruby Robinson who is “95 years young” and an inspiration to all us ladies over 50, 60 and beyond…

Ruby Robinson has just celebrated her 95th birthday. She was born on the first day of Spring on 21st March. She has two daughters, five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. She is one of the most exceptional of women and her looks, character and charisma defy her true age.

Until recently she was still ‘presenting’ to groups of ladies. ‘Colour coordination’ and ‘image consultancy’ were the key subjects. With past experience in hairdressing and beauty therapy, she taught her fans how to make the very best of their potential. ‘How to look ten years younger’ and ‘Are you showing your true personality’ were two titles she used for her events. Ruby would choose a few people from the audience to help demonstrate tips and tricks to enhance their appearance, to help them feel confident and make the best out of life. At the end of the sessions her grandson told me she would ask: ‘Now, as a matter of interest, how old would you think I am?’ They always guessed about twenty years too young!

Ruby is eternally young and her story certainly shows me that we must all defy the actual age number – it means nothing. We women have exceptional powers of triumphing over every kind of adversity and we are never ever too old to achieve some of the goals we set ourselves in life.

Throughout this strange last year, I have found that a few unexpectedly lovely things have arisen out of all the horror, for which I will be forever grateful. One of them is getting to know more about Ruby and to enjoy her delightful poems. She is, without doubt, a remarkable lady of ninety-five years young who has now turned her hand to writing. What a bright shining star; an example to us all! Here’s one of her poems…

In Denial

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

There’s somebody there who is not really me.

I haven’t got marks and lines on my face

My eyes are not tired, no not a trace

I look in the mirror to tidy my hair

And would you believe that lady’s still there.

I peer in shop windows to look at the clothes

But she’s there again, in that old lady pose.

I’ll show that lady she’s no place with me,

I’ll put on my makeup and try to be me.

I don’t do old as she’s an imposter,

I’ll get dressed up and hope that I’ve lost her.

I went in a shop to look for a dress,

I wanted it glamourous and smart to impress.

I don’t think I’m strange or hard to please,

But all of their dresses were down past my knees.

I couldn’t have shrunk I’ve always been tall,

Those dresses weren’t right I’ve never been small.

I know what I’ll do, I’ll go elsewhere,

A charity shop… I’ll find something there.

If you see that lady I told you about,

Don’t be mistaken don’t have any doubt,

It is really me so let it be told


You can read another interesting article by Ginny here.


  1. What a truly inspirational lady Ruby is! Not only does she look amazing but she helps others to make the best of themselves too. I love Ruby’s poem, expressing how many of us can feel at times I’m sure!

  2. What an amazing woman! She makes me realise that I must pull my socks up! I shall be 94 in a few weeks and have often been told I look and seem twenty years younger but I don’t think I can compete with Ruby.
    But I’ve been wanting to say for some time that I absolutely love Annabel and Grace. Every week there are useful items,recipes, life hacks and so on and so many endlessly interesting items like the book reviews and stories. I haven’t read the one about decluttering yet – I expect it will be done by me though, my grown up children may be too busy doing their own.

  3. Glamorous. Elegant looks far younger than her years, Witty poem too, shows the benefits of keeping an active mind and a younger outlook.

  4. I have been friends with Ruby for many years, we are like chalk & Cheese, but we get on so well. we met at a line dancing classes, and only stopped because of Covid 19
    Ruby is amazing she can turn her hand at anything, she will buy two tops without sleeves and make sleeves out of the other one as she liked the material & the style.
    We now make hand made cards together, and share Ideas, really I use Ruby’s brains and cheat, but we have fun together and that’s what it’s all about.
    Ruby’s friend Maureen xx

  5. I have been over whelmed this week by the honour that has been bestowed upon me by the impressive online magazine Annabel and Grace. I never thought I would have such an accalade at this late time in my life. I have Ginny Vere Nicoll (a friend of my late brother) to thank for the introduction and then Annabel and Grace for giving me the honour of being Woman of the Week. I appreciate the comments that have been left.
    So thank you Ginny, and thank you Annabel and Grace for the confidence you showed me.
    Many thanks

  6. My best friend Ruby is everything I would like to be.
    You deserve to be admired as you are such an amazing woman, I’m so happy for you. X

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