Gilets, Polos, Shirts: it’s all about layering clothes with Artichoke

We are all suffering from high energy prices, making us keep our heating turned off for as long as possible. It’s becoming quite competitive with my friends; who can hold out the longest? However, I recently visited Artichoke Collection in Swaffham, Norfolk and Sarah, the owner, has it sussed because she has stocked her shop with lots of layering clothes. My girlfriend, Becky and I found ourselves trying on all the different gilets.

The word gilet derives from the Spanish jileco or chaleco, but originates from the Turkish word yelek. However, other records suggest it comes from the French noun – le gilet – meaning cardigan. Wherever it comes from, it is helpful as it can be worn inside without giving one bulky arms. Plus, I have rediscovered my heavy jumpers, which don’t fit under coats but can now be worn with pleasure and warmth.

These longer gilets will certainly keep your bum warm, so Grace and I have taken the layered look to another level with the roll-neck, shirt and gilet.

Grace is wearing the Longline Puffer Gilet in Khaki (£75). Annabel has on the black version.

See below for polo-neck and shirt info.

I love this green and denim combination. It makes a difference to add a pop of colour even if you just wear the boots.

Boots (£59.99) by Pavers. Jeans (£66) by Artichoke. Polo-neck by Hope Fashion. Long navy quilted gilet (£75) from Artichoke. Green jumper from Marks & Spencer (previous season) – one similar here.

Polo and roll-necks

Annabel’s dusky blue roll-neck – AVAILABLE HERE
Grace’s Brandtex roll-neck AVAILABLE HERE.

These have become a bit of an issue for me as once I lived in them, but I now find the wool options are too itchy around my neck. Cashmere is a little too pricey for my everyday needs! However, I am able to wear this cotton one in Dusky Blue (£45) from Artichoke Collection with no issues. Grace is wearing Artichoke’s Brandtex viscose roll-neck version (£40).

(Viscose is semi-synthetic, unlike cotton, which is made from a natural, organic material. Viscose is not as durable as cotton, but it’s also lighter and smoother in feel, which some people prefer over cotton. One is not necessarily better than the other, except when you’re talking about durability and longevity.)

Annabel’s boots (£59.99) are by Pavers and Grace’s Padova leather trainers are from Jones Bootmaker (available in 14 colourways).

Jeans from Artichoke: Annabel’s Angelika 1975 Magic Stretch (£72) Grace’s Jump-in jeans (£66)

If you want to find out what jeans would suit your body shape best, click HERE for my post – How to find the perfect Jeans to fit our not-so-perfect body shapes.

A layering look

I sometimes find that two jumpers are too warm so this sleeveless roll-neck top from Lavender Hill Clothing (£54) is a great alternative. It is worn under a Me+Em cardigan (similar here) and then this gorgeous showerproof puffer coat from Marks and Spencer (£79.20). I am wearing size 12 in all of the above items.

Or what about wearing a roll-neck under a shirt? We are big fans of the shirts from the Artichoke Collection, and both loved the look we created here with the Dotty Red and Blue Tallulah Shirt (£65). It’s a great way to show off a shirt that would otherwise get hidden under a jumper. Note the cuff turn back.

Many other shirts are available from Artichoke, so go to their website HERE. Please be advised to buy a bigger size than normal. I am a size 12 but a size 14 in Artichoke’s shirts. Grace also sized up.

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