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2020 and now 2021 will go down as two years where health and stress worldwide were high on everyone’s list of worries. One of the biggest changes with our attitude to health was to be more proactive than reactive. Of course, we cannot take good health for granted, so we need to give our bodies all the help we can by eating healthily and exercising. However, many of us have also embraced supplements and have found they have had a truly beneficial effect. To this end, I have been trialling some of the products from life armour®.


Recently I included in a Life Essentials article one of the life armour® products, drops of slumber. My husband finds these drops indispensable as he occasionally suffers from a broken night’s sleep. Shortly before he goes to sleep, a few drops on his tongue seem to do the trick, and they taste delicious. More recently one of my daughter’s partners has been waking during the night worrying about his business and so I gave him the drops and he has taken them when he wakes and he is back sleeping within 20 minutes.

All the life armour® products are made with 100% natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body to restore vitality; their intelligent blends adapt their function according to your body needs to reduce the effects of modern life on our wellbeing.

Award-winning 100% natural supplements, developed by experts

All of the life armour® products have been developed in the UK by a team of leading experts and medical herbalists, so you can trust in their mission to get you feeling great again.

One of their products is drops of vitamin D & bone health. Vitamin D has been much talked about this past year, and with the summer we have had, it is probably more necessary than usual to keep our vitamin D levels boosted. Living in the northern hemisphere can mean a lack of natural sunshine so during the autumn and winter months we should all, due to the lack of sunshine, supplement with. Vitamin D. It is a critical vitamin that we cannot make ourselves. Again these drops of vitamin D & bone health by life armour® are easy to take and will support a healthy immune system, healthy bones and overall wellbeing.

More recently, life armour® have launched a new product, drops of vitality. These drops offer a daily boost to your energy, mood and overall wellbeing. They contain a unique blend of vitamins and adaptogens, including Vitamins B6 & B12, which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

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I have been using these drops as right now my husband and I have four, and sometimes five, young adults living at home plus three dogs. So, therefore, I can admit that my batteries do run low from time to time. So rather than cut back on my activities, I have been taking these drops of vitality, and so far, I am managing to keep going for my regular 16 hour day.

Of course, there is no absolute proof or clinical trials on most supplements. However, if the drops of slumber+ and the drops of vitality work, that is a good reference for all other products by life armour®.

life armour® produce many other products, so if you are unsure which ones to order, a supplement selector will help you. Click HERE for the Supplement Selector.

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P.S. life armour’s® ethos is all about sustainability. They have carefully selected all their packaging materials so they can be recycled.