Life after Life: Kate Atkinson

Life after Life follows Ursula Todd and her family through the turbulent events of the 20th century. However Ursula dies and lives again time after time even her first birth during a snowstorm in 1910 allows her to die never having taken her first breath. This is not a story about re-incarnation but a story about changes in circumstance.

`Don’t you wonder sometimes,’ Ursula said. `If just one small thing had been changed, in the past, I mean….surely things would be different.’

I am sure we have all felt at some point in our life, what if things had been different?

This is a book that really makes one think about one’s own life and how it has turned out. This premise is wrapped around an extremely engaging story and Kate Atkinson leads one through the well-known historical events of the 20th century in a most witty, profound, inventive and hilarious way.

Quite simply one of the best books that I have read this year. Click on link below to buy your hardback copy – Paperback not available until January 2014 but don’t wait that long to read this exceptional book.