Lifestyle Essentials for a heatwave

It’s the UK and I am writing about a heatwave which is so unusual and not very good news as it must be due to global warming. Right now I would just like to languish in a swimming pool and eat ice-cream or lie in a dark room with an electric fan. But we have to work through this so it is early to wake up, work until midday and then a siesta in the afternoon. So here are some Lifestyle Essentials suggestions for this time of year.

Voya Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil

Dry body skin at this time of year particularly with soaring temperatures is always an issue for me. So I was thrilled when a girlfriend showed me her Voya Angelicus Serratus Nourishing Body Oil – a gorgeous post-shower treat. It has lime and mandarin fragrance which is so refreshing, absorbs beautifully and my skin feels really soft. I am now ordering my own bottle as I miss it so much.

Albus & Flora Lip Balm SPF 30

I love a lip balm, especially in the summer and this one is available in a range of colours. I personally love the clear one called Naked Flora because it contains a high sunscreen factor plus it contains alpine rose which is great if like me you suffer from cold sores.

Dog Cooler Vest

Do not forget your best friends during this heatwave as they really do suffer. Just run these under cold water, squeeze out and pop on your dog. They may not look like they are enjoying wearing it initially but they will like that they feel so much cooler.

ECOVERO™ Blouses from Baukjen

As you read this we are in the middle of a heatwave in the UK so I just thought I would highlight these gorgeous blouses from Baukjen crafted from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ voile which are so cool to wear.

At House of Baukjen they’re passionate about creating clothes that are designed for good. Good not just in their fit and quality, but also in terms of their impact on the planet and its people. I cannot recommend these blouses more highly as I have three of them and just rotate them.

There are several to choose from so just browse the Baukjen website.

Sage Appliances the Smart Oven™ Pro

I have an electric AGA which I love for 10 months of the year as it keeps the house warm as well as cooks everything beautifully. However, come a heatwave it becomes my enemy as it pumps out wasted heat so I turn if off and revert to my Smart Oven™ Pro from Sage. India Knight recommended this is one of her regular columns. It sits on my counter and bakes perfect pizza, and delicious cookies, toasts evenly and roasts succulent meat. The convection setting reduces cooking time by up to 30%. Yes it does all of these and to be honest now that it is just my husband and I maybe I will keep it going during the less cold months.And the great news is that it has been reduced by £100 off the RRP from Amazon at the moment.

Armoline Arm sling

A reader sent me this tip as she read in my recent article about having a fractured wrist. The hospital issued me with a support strap that ran around my neck. Inevitably this makes your neck ache and ultimately you will have neck problems. It is also made out of a fabric that makes you sweat so not good at this time of year. So this ArmoLine Deluxe Arm Sling solves all of those problems and is a much better protector for one’s wrist as people will steer clear of you and not bang into your arm.

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6 months ago

An essential for me in a heatwave is homemade lemonade. This is what I make to fill 3 empty screw top wine bottles.
2 lemons, about 4 inches root ginger, huge bunch mint from garden.Water. Liquidiser. 2 teaspoons suger (I do not like sweet drinks). Chop the lemons into eights, chop up the ginger into small bits (I do not peel as the ginger taste is stron in the peel), remove mint leaves from stalk. Suger. Put all this into a liquidiser. Blitz for about 30 seconds, then pour the mixture into a sieve over a jug. Divide the liquid between the 3 bottles (its only few inches in each – but the liquid gets weaker as you keep adding water and blitzing). put the mixture in the sieve back in the liquidser and add more water – blitz for longer, Then pour mixture into sieve over a jug….. Repeat this until all 3 bottles are full – I can make 4 bottles but it is not ‘strong lemonade’. But i keep these bottles in the fridge for a cool drink in this heat.

6 months ago
Reply to  Annabel

No, I buy unwaxed lemons and put the lemons cut up in the blender – peel and all. The peel has alot of lemon tasting oils.