Lifestyle Essentials: tried & tested finds we’d like to share with you

Marvellous-Mother-In-Law kindly gave me a Grapefruit and Organic Tea Tree Oil handwash and I have been hooked on it ever since. Made by Childs Farm, it is an award winner (deservedly so in my book). Liking everything about this product – from the refreshing fragrance, to the way your hands feel so clean and hydrated after using it. It’s gentle yet super effective which is why it is dermatologist approved for sensitive and eczema prone skin and suitable for everyone from newborns to nonagenarians. Currently on offer at Ocado for £3. Larger size also also discounted.

While I’m mentioning Ocado, who may well have delivered your provisions during the lockdowns but, on the offchance they did not, wanted to say that it stocks more than double the number of products than any other supermarket (58k+ in actual fact). I find it really handy that they stock M&S items because if I happen to wander into a real life store, I tend to go in for one item and stagger out with 50 (most of which are, in equal parts, deliciously fattening and debit card battering). So easier to get my M&S faves via Ocado as less temptation! Look out for another brilliant brand – Picard, excellent French food. I’ve always found the delivery drivers to be helpful and polite and they’ll drop your stuff off during your chosen hour slot from 5.30am through to midnight. MORE INFO

My jewellery of choice is bracelets – put a few on your wrist and you feel dressed (if you know what I mean!). I tend to go for silver which I keep on 24/7, but in the Summer I like to add a friendship bracelet which takes me back to my hippy days. My friend Libbla told me about a company called Boing who produce durable jewellery made from authentic ropes used in extreme sports. More info

“What an amazing bracelet and personalised too! The whole customer experience from Boing was a joy. The colours are fabulous, the thought behind the designs is so clever. I love this brand and they should be shouted about from the rooftops.” Libbla Kelly

Talking of Libbla, her inspirational notebook for children – Wisdom While You Work – has been so popular it’s being reprinted. Makes a thoughtful and value-instilling gift for children aged 10 and up. You can find out more here (which will also give you a link to the podcast we recorded with her) or buy a copy for £11.99 here.

And now for something completely different… I am seriously considering dumping my heavy cumbersome vacuum cleaner and getting a battery operated one ie with no cord that has to be plugged into a socket/wound back into the machine several times per use. Am delighted to report that this Bosch Athlet is just the ticket. Best news, it is available on Amazon for £159 (Series 4, a full £100 less than the RRP) MORE INFO

When the weather gets hot (like this weekend – hurrah, about time) – I like to use an inexpensive but top notch eau fraiche spray from Roger & Gallet. These fresh stimulating fragrances are designed to be worn in the sun. Currently even better value than usual if you buy yours at M&S – reduced from £35 to £24.50. MORE INFO

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