salmonThis was a hit with my boys last night… tasty, healthy and very, very easy to prepare. (So healthy we didn’t feel guilty having a bowl of ice cream afterwards!).


ps I served the salmon crispy skin side up – so it looked more appetising than this pic!






Juice 2 limes

Thumb sized fresh ginger, finely chopped

2 crushed garlic cloves

2 tbspn rice vinegar

1 tbspn soy sauce

Pack of baby corn, halved

Bunch spring onions, cut into equal sized pieces

Handful sugar snap peas

4 small pak choi

Rapeseed oil (or similar)

Toasted sesame oil

4 salmon fillets, boneless but skin on.



Mix first five ingredients in a small bowl to make marinade. Heat tspn oil in frying pan and cook salmon skin side down for 3 minutes on medium heat until skin crisped. Turn salmon over for one minute, remove from pan and keep warm. Heat wok with tbspn oil and glug of sesame oil – stir fry veg for one minute, then add  marinade and leave cooking for a few minutes until veg tender but still have some bite. Load veg equally onto four plates and top with salmon.