Living Life on the Veg: how I am coping with a family of vegetarians

I never thought I would be writing a post about ‘Living Life on the Veg’ as I am a farmer’s daughter raised on good, old fashioned, meat and two veg meals. But here I am becoming quite the expert in vegetarian cooking.

Now I must add that I am not a total vegetarian unlike some of my children. I would best describe myself as a ‘flexitarian’ as I am happy to eat meat when at a friend’s house. I know what it is like to host a supper party when everyone has dietary requirements. So, since I am not allergic to meat, I feel that, rather than upset my hostess, I am happy to eat meat now and then.

As I said previously, my children have embraced vegetarianism and so I have had to adjust my cooking repertoire accordingly. It has not been hard and I have found Living Life on the Veg quite refreshing. A really well-cooked vegetarian meal is so satisfying and tasty. However it does come down to the quality of the vegetables which are not always at their best when bought from a supermarket.

Box of veg from Riverford from post Living Life on the Veg: how I am coping with a family of vegetarians

I have solved this problem on every level by signing up to a Riverford Organic fruit and veg delivery once a week. All of the Riverford vegetables are 100% organic, grown for flavour, and delivered free to your door. And the company is so considerate of the environment.

No plastic, no punnets, not even a rubber band – just veg!

You can create your own vegetable or fruit box or just rely on their picks. They often include cooking tips in the vegetable box in case they send an unusual vegetable.

I can highly recommend the blood oranges which juice beautifully. Also their tangerines are juicy and sweet. Obviously they do not grow these but clearly they are very discerning on their choice of suppliers.

If you want to make your life even easier then you can also choose any of their weekly recipes and they supply all the ingredients. This includes all the spices and tinned products and all these products are also organic. It arrives with its own recipe card so in the future you can reproduce the recipes. Here is an example of the Baked vegetable risotto from Riverford.

Recipe box from Riverford from post Living Life on the Veg: how I am coping with a family of vegetarians

Apart from all the fruit and veg you can also order dairy products including almond milk that actually tastes of almonds, yoghurt, fresh bread (the sourdough and rye are both excellent), eggs, granola, porridge oats, muesli, store cupboard staples and so much more i.e. everything you could possibly need.

Plus they do meat recipes so if you have an Other Half who has not embraced Living Life on the Veg so completely you can get him/her his own organic meal!

Box of groceries from Riverford from post Living Life on the Veg: how I am coping with a family of vegetarians

And if you think this is all so convenient there is also the most important fact that not only is their produce better for you but it also tastes so good. Even my children, albeit grown up, could taste the difference.

Riverford delivery van from post Living Life on the Veg: how I am coping with a family of vegetarians

Sign up to Riverford for a weekly delivery and know that you are giving your family the best possible food. You are NOT COMMITTED to weekly deliveries i.e. you can order as and when you want but you will have a set delivery day for your area and so your order will need to be placed 24 hours before that day begins. With all that is going on with Coronavirus this could be the perfect time to try them out.

To find out more about RIVERFORD ORGANIC click HERE

For more vegetarian recipes click HERE.


  1. Just been almost knocked off my bike by a woman
    driving your van ” Live life on the veg” on Edward Street in Brighton. The number plate ended with E F H. She then overpassed me agressively on the same street. I’m going to check with the police if there are cameras . Disgusted ! And certainly not a good advert for your company

    • Very bad form. Maybe call Riverford and tell them where you were as they will know the delivery van involved – 01803 227227. Just FYI we have no association with Riverford. I just wrote about them as I have deliveries from them. Best, Annabel

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