Lockdown Loungewear or how to look casually co-ordinated on Zoom

Our lifestyles have changed and in turn our whole attitude towards fashion has also done an about turn. During lockdown the home, which was a very private domain, has become very public via social media and people want to still look good as they instagram/zoom/what’sapp pictures and videos of their lives. Suddenly with this has come a whole new style of clothing which I call lockdown loungewear.

Lockdown Loungewear or how to look casually co-ordinated on Zoom

However you may not be doing much of this or perhaps only with friends and family so you may be thinking:

  • When am I ever going to need smart clothes again as lockdown looks set for a long time for those of us of a certain age?
  • Is fashion really relevant in this new age of Covid-19?
  • Does it matter what I look like as no-one is going to see me?
  • I have enough clothes in my wardrobe so why do I need new ones?
  • There are warnings of a recession so I mustn’t spend any money.
  • My hair has lost its shape, my roots are showing so no amount of new clothes is going to change how I look.

Yes all of the above is true. However I am still going to try and encourage you to make an effort with your lockdown loungewear if only to make yourself feel more positive about your current day-to-day life. In today’s lockdown world it’s so important to have those pieces in your wardrobe that are easy pull ons, that allow you to unwind but still feel stylish.

Lockdown loungewear from Cos & Me+Em
My top half zoom outfit
Jumper from Cos click HERE
Blouse from Me+Em (past season) but many similar this season. Click HERE

Yesterday I went on Zoom to chat to some girlfriends and they all remarked on how well I looked. Not my normal quick slap on of some tinted moisturiser, a flick of mascara and an old sweater. No, I had made a bit of an effort and, apart from some carefully applied make-up, I had on a soft pink sweater but below Zoom level I was wearing Harem pants from Cucumber Clothing. I have to admit to being addicted to these trousers and they belong to my younger daughter – she is not here so no chance of her getting them back!

Lockdown loungewear - harem pants from Cucumber Clothing
Full length with my favourite Harem pants from Cucumber Clothing Click HERE for details

Of course Zoom is our new best friend. We are all Zooming; business meetings, fitness classes and even virtual coffee mornings with our girlfriends. Where would we be without Zoom, Houseparty and all the other platforms helping to bring us together.

Lockdown loungewear from Sweaty Betty
Leggings and top from Sweaty Betty – click HERE

Yoga classes in your own home, so no excuses not to attend but the plus side is that there is no travel time to and from class. At the end of the session you can have a quick chat with the other attendees, throw on a sweater and back to the kitchen for a coffee avoiding the biscuit tin.

On Yoga days I find it hard to take off my yoga outfit as it is so comfortable and as it is only my OH seeing me I tend to spend the rest of the day lounging around in my leggings.

Lockdown loungewear from Winser London
click HERE £79 available in 6 colours

Of course jeans are a staple part of any woman’s wardrobe but maybe don’t quite qualify as loungewear, not in my book anyway. Trousers need an elasticated waist to get into my Lockdown loungewear drawer.

However, as the temperatures have dropped, dog walks require something a little warmer than yoga pants or lycra leggings. If you don’t want to give up on the elasticated waist then try Winser London leggings which are thicker than lycra workout ones. These ones are made out of Ponte di Roma double jersey stretch fabric, great for stretch and comfort. The ones that I am wearing in these two pictures I have owned for over 5 years and they just keep giving. Flattering and comfortable and perfect for this cooler weather. Machine washable, hang on the Aga and good to go again.

The linen tee-shirt also from Winser London comes in many colours and styles and I have some from previous seasons. This Aqua one is a very gentle colour on paler skins like my own.

Leggings and sweater from Winser London
Leggings from WINSER LONDON click HERE £99 in 4 colours
Cotton roll neck jumper past season Winser London
Trainers from FITFLOP click HERE

Grace and I are big fans of FitFlops as they are so comfortable and good for your feet. Have a look at their range of summer shoes – click HERE.

When investing in your new comfy pieces, choose a size bigger than you would usually go for. Slouchy styles look achingly cooler than a jumper that clings a little too tightly. Or why not go one step further, and slip into something from the men’s department? Whether you borrow your husband’s favourite grey marl sweatshirt or head to M&S and snap-up an oversized shirt – the look is every bit as chic.

Shirt from Cos

Lockdown Loungewear doesn’t have to be ‘slobby’ – it can definitely be both practical and comfortable whilst still remaining stylish. Those lived-in staples once limited to indoor wear have now become acceptable, and not only that, but the fashion pack have given loungewear their stylish seal of approval and now actively encourage the look both indoors and out. The general consensus is the comfier the better. So relax and pull out all that loungewear and make it work for you in lockdown.

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