Look what I’ve found! Grace’s Lockdown Pick Me Ups

A few more ideas for you this week here on Annabel & Grace magazine. Read on for, among other top picks, a simple kitchen gadget that won’t end up languishing in a cupboard, some pretty useful hand warmers and a good dollop of nostalgia…

Stay safe in the snow

None of us want to slip on on snow and ice and have to go to hospital – not ever and especially not now during a pandemic. So easy-to-pop-on snow and ice shoe grips could be just what we need while out walking getting our daily dose of (very) fresh air! £9.99 from Amazon. MORE INFO

Love this little gadget!

Wish I’d known about this years ago! When cooking spaghetti you either have to guess (which means I generally cook way too much) or try and balance it on the scales (a tricky manoeuvre!). This simple stainless steel gadget takes the guesswork out of how much pasta per person. £2.99 Amazon. BUY NOW

Super Vitamin D with K2

Not K2 the mountain, but the vitamin that works together with vitamin D3 to mobilise calcium from the blood vessels into the bones, maintaining bone health. Having read up on the best Vitamin D supplement, it has to be Vitamin D3 with K2.

I am a little sceptical about vitamins – thinking that I eat healthily so should be getting everything I need. But Vitamin D is different. The NHS advises all UK adults to consider taking a supplement containing 10μg (micrograms) of vitamin D between October and March, when UV levels in British sunlight are often too low for the body to produce Vitamin D naturally. People with darker skin, or are housebound/cover up their skin in sunshine are advised to take a supplement all year round.

Here at Annabel & Grace magazine, we trust the quality of FutureYou supplements and that’s why I’m now taking their Super Vitamin D with K2 – one easy to swallow and easily absorbed capsule each day. You can opt for a single pack: £20 for a pack of 28 or if you prefer to subscribe, £16 per pack. Both options available at FutureYou. BUY NOW

Words of wisdom

Annabel, Libbla and me

Another thing Annabel and I are fans of is Libbla Kelly’s Wisdom While You Work. This inspirational notebook shares hints and essential messages about life for young people today. It’s the perfect gift to pop in the post to your grandchildren to keep them inspired during lockdown. Wisdom While You Work website £11.95 BUY NOW

Scented hand warmers

These pretty hand warmers are pretty useful too. Filled with organic flaxseed and natural lavender, they are perfect for popping in your pockets on a chilly morning and soothing relief if you suffer from arthritis in your hands. Available in a pack of two, each measures 4″ square with a cut out corner so it sits comfortably under the thumb against the palm of your hand.

Just pop them in the microwave or on a heater to warm before use. They can be used over and over again and have a removable washable cover for hygienic use. And, when the weather hots up later in the year, they can be used cold by popping them in the freezer for an hour or two. Handmade by Samantha Dawn Textiles and available at Etsy £9.50 MORE INFO

A – tishoo

There’s a story behind these first ever tissues in a tube. With a degree in engineering, Mohammed Khalil had always had childhood dreams of being a product designer, but ended up working in the City. It was only when his wife asked him to find a box of tissues that she could keep in her car that he came up with Tishoo, tissues that fit vehicle cup holders and double up as a bin when empty. He quit his job and the rest is history.

Mohammed told us “No one likes scrambling about for tissues when you’re supposed to be focusing on the road. Likewise, no one wants a car full of used wrappers, face masks and tissues lying around spreading germs. Tishoo solves both problems, whilst promoting re-use and reducing waste.”

10% of profits go to charities that tackle poverty in the UK. 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Tishoo £7.99 for four. BUY NOW

Mini works of art

Pauline Thomas is one talented lady. She ‘paints’ with her sewing machine and vibrant coloured thread. Her designs are exquisite as you can see from the photograph above. She brings landscapes, flora and fauna, heraldic creatures and elements of the natural world to life in stitches. If you are looking to give someone a beautiful gift (that’s easy to post) go to the Etsy website to see her range. The hare lavender bag, for example, is £14. Or visit her website to read more about Pauline’s eye catching products.

Uplifting Conversation

Joanna Lumley can’t put a foot wrong where I’m concerned… that husky voice, her sense of fun and, of course, she is an excellent actress. So I have relished listening to her and Roger Allam on R4 in the series Conversations From A Long Marriage. It is heartwarming and funny and oh so true of married life. LISTEN NOW (also on BBC Sounds app – definitely worth a download onto your mobile for when you are out and about)

You’ll find lots more of our top product recommendations here

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Pam Greenwood
Pam Greenwood
2 years ago

Just ordered some tissues – fab idea! Might also buy a spag guage – I’m on a spree this morning. Thank you for an interesting read.

Annabel & Grace
2 years ago
Reply to  Pam Greenwood

Although the Tishoo can be used anywhere (such attractive packaging isn’t it) I’m using mine in my car. Love the way it fits snugly into the space, so easy to pull a tissue out when you need one. Not the largest tissue but big enough for me! Hope you enjoy using both items… Best wishes, Grace

Alison Lidstone
Alison Lidstone
2 years ago
Reply to  Pam Greenwood

Me too! Both great ideas- thank you A&G !!

2 years ago

Amazing embroidery by Paulline Thomas, what a talented lady. I ordered a gift on Friday and it arrived beautifully packaged on Monday.
My thanks to you and Annabel for such an interesting magazine.