Lockdown Week 5: it is terrible but it’s a lot worse for so many others

How is it going for all of you? I feel that Lockdown week 5 has finally made people agitated or perhaps restless is a better word. Of course we all know we mustn’t complain – stiff upper lip combined with Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives. We know it may be terrible for us but it is a lot worse for so many others.

Lockdown Week 5: it is terrible but it's a lot worse for so many others

So let’s look at the positives and all the discoveries I have made during Lockdown week 5. I won’t bore you with my wardrobe cleanse because I did that in a previous post. There is a post script to that article. Inspired by one of our readers, I am learning to fold my clothes the Marie Kondo way and wow does it make me feel good looking at my pristine shelves.

It has also helped with getting up in the morning as I skip over to my cupboards and fling the doors open to reveal my divinely tidy shelves, colour coordinated to boot. My discovery is that I love all shades of blue, from lilac to sky blue and through to sea blue i.e. turquoise. I did know this but now I know I have a blue fetish.

JOAN COLLINS – no sign of a COVID bum?

I read somewhere that even Joan Collins has put on weight and is finding her elasticated trousers are digging in at the waist. She says she spends most days wearing some moth-eaten trackies (I doubt it) and a mismatching top. However she says she is busy as she doesn’t want to sit around getting a ‘Covid bum’. Is Covid bum a thing now? When we come out of lockdown are we going to be judged by the size and shape of our Covid bum? What is a Covid bum exactly? Flat and spreading?

My mother used to tell me that watching too much TV will give me square eyes. Of course I didn’t believe her but if she saw me now she would definitely be giving me a telling off as I go from laptop to mobile to TV screen. Aged 61yrs, the wrath of my mother is still a worry. So forget square eyes it is clearly the Covid bum I need to worry about. Will my four Yoga classes a week stave off the Covid bum? I must discuss this with my Yoga teacher.

To be honest it is my Muffin top that is giving me a lot of worry right now. OH and I decided that a diet was needed if we are to emerge from this lockdown resembling anything near our svelte former selves. This combined with the decision by OH to book his back operation and his acceptance that any hospital visit would go smoother if he presented the surgeon with a body like Brad Pitt. I have told him that miracles may not happen but in the meantime we have put ourselves on some sort of diet. For OH it is going really well and he is 6lbs down but he has the willpower of an Iron Man (maybe not the body quite yet).

However I am a different story. The diet has not been helped by my discovery of packets of Florentines and Christmas Fruit and Nut Mix in the back of the store cupboard. They all came with a Best Before date of early February, naturally, as most of these items are definitely produced for the festive season of feasting. However roll on the calendar to Lockdown week 5. You never know when you might get another supermarket delivery slot and it would be shameful to throw them away in the current climate. So eat them I must as I daren’t risk another month.

I can tell you now that they may have been better before 2nd February but at 1a.m. on 22nd April, when I couldn’t sleep, they tasted really good. However my muffin top is now declaring turf war with my Covid bum and I know this is not going to end well.

Talking of sleep is anyone else having the weirdest dreams? The other night I dreamt I was having a cuddle with a very slimmed down Boris Johnson on a sun-bed whilst worrying about my lost mobile phone and laptop. Carrie was there so my cuddle with the PM was all above board. Is it that I am missing him hence he was in my dreams? I have never been part of the BoJo fan club but for some reason this pandemic has endeared him to me. He is like a puppy that chews your best shoes but you forgive him as he is so much fun to have around. So roll on next week as we may be enjoying the emergence of our PM back onto centre stage. As for my phone and laptop why on earth did I think I had lost them and that they were to be found in Chequers. Oh dear it is either the sun or Lockdown week 5 that has finally driven me to mild insanity.

Found a new spot to work on A&G without the blinding sunlight

See you next week Stay Safe and Well. Annabel