Lockdown: Just a few things to make staying at home easier to endure

I know good health is our priority right now and if we could recommend somewhere to buy it we would. However as we have said before this is out of everyone’s control. So without sounding too superficial we wanted to suggest some items that might make your lockdown period more bearable.


Ultrasonic Diffuser from John Lewis (£50)

I have had one of these infusers for some time as I suffer from Sinusitis. However I am especially loving it right now. I use it when I am doing Yoga, meditation or my Win Hof Breathing routine. I add a few drops of diffuser oils to help clear my respiratory tracts. The fine mist really helps clear my nasal passages and sinuses so I am sure it is particularly beneficial at this time.

This Ultrasonic Diffuser from John Lewis (£50) is very good value and all you need is water and some of these diffuser oils also from John Lewis.


Having the EVERYTHING MASK applied £15

We have received many requests about how to keep hair looking good. Of course, right now, health is our number one priority. However I do think that it helps people to feel positive if they make the best of themselve. Just because we are at home, possibly alone, is no reason to let ourselves go. Maybe now is the time to try a few home beauty products that might cut down your trips to the professionals once we are all through this lockdown. Long before this all happened I stopped having my hair highlighted, saving me a fortune.


I recently was asked by Josh Wood to come to their salon to find the best product for my hair. They chose the Josh Wood EVERYTHING MASK as my hair is natural in colour and has no highlights. It only needs to be applied and left for 5 minutes, after shampooing, and then rinsed out. It definitely lifted my colour and gave it some depth. It also gave my hair such an incredible condition making it so soft and glossy. I now use it once a week.

However there are some great colour products in the Josh Wood Colour range for those whose roots are showing. All of them are designed to be used at home. You can just fill in a questionnaire on their website and it will explain which products will suit you. You can also email in with a picture if you want some one-on-one advice (this service was still available at time of writing.)


Since we are all now working from home (#wfh) and we cannot get to the gym etc then we need to make sure we are not just spending all our time slumped in our chair or on the sofa.

This company, DESKMATE makes every type of standing desk and laptop stand which enable you to stand and work at your computer for part of the day which is so much better for you. I have a Laptop stand permanently attached so that I can work without bending my neck.

However you had better hurry as they are selling so fast because everyone is working from home.

Here are some other tips if you sit at a desk for a long time from a previous post. Click HERE.


At least we are enjoying some incredible Spring weather during this lockdown so time to get the shorts out and soak up some rays. Good for increasing your Vitamin D levels.

I have some shorts from Patra Fashions from last year and I wore them to death both here and on holiday. Fully elasticated with two slant pockets, these shorts in pure noil silk, are an easy to wear summer essential and are machine washable! I can understand why Patra keep producing them as they are definitely a wardrobe staple.



One of the wonderful things about this lockdown is that I only need to wear comfortable shoes. I try hard to always only wear shoes that are comfortable but right now there is even more reason. I was given these shoes from Vivobarefoot for Mother’s Day and at first thought they might be hideous. However I am now wearing them every day as they are so comfortable and positively good for my feet. And honestly they are actually very good looking – much neater than trainers.

From recycled plastic PET bottles to harvesting algae and only using ethically-sourced, wild hide leather these shoes are made with fewer chemicals and less waste. A wide and foot-shaped shoe allows your toes (and crucially your big toe) to provide a stable foundation for natural, healthy movement. A flexible shoe allows all the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the foot to load, splay and recoil, putting a natural spring in your step.

I am walking around my garden a lot at the moment as my dogs need exercise and so we are enjoying ball games for hours on end!


We recently posted a 10 minute Yoga routine to wake you up in the morning and it has proved very popular. So if you have not invested in a Yoga mat yet then maybe now is the time to get one. We are sure that once you start doing some Yoga you will fall in love with this form of exercise and will be regularly practising even after COVID-19.

For a good selection of Yoga mats from SWEATY BETTY click HERE.

We hope you all are continuing to be in good health and finding ways to make the best of this lockdown.

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Christine Colman
Christine Colman
2 years ago

Love reading your articles every week, always something interesting to take on board. Thank you for continuing during this tricky time. Hope you and yours are all keeping well. X

2 years ago

Brilliant – thank you both xx
As a 12 week isolator your communications are more than ever welcome now

Karen Gaffney
Karen Gaffney
2 years ago

Hi, as a recent Annabel & Grace convert, thanks very much for keeping the website going …. I look forward to the e-mails dropping into my inbox! Always something uplifting to read which we definitely need over the months to come!! Take care both of you ….

2 years ago
Reply to  Karen Gaffney

Hi Karen. Thanks for your lovely comment, we really appreciate hearing from you. #staysafe #staypositive Best wishes, Grace