How Each And Every One Of Us Can Look Fabulous Forever

founder of Look Fabulous Forever

Annabel and I met Tricia Cusden about six years ago when, at the age of 65, she launched her cosmetic brand Look Fabulous Forever out of frustration that our age group was being ignored by the beauty industry. Since then she has become the go-to expert on ‘perfect make up for older faces.’ What a woman. Thumbs up for Tricia.

Over the last few years it’s safe to say that we are all more familiar with (and relaxed about) shopping online. And Covid has meant that we are less likely to visit the High Street to buy, among other things, our cosmetics. But how do we buy the right make up for our particular complexions and colouring on the internet?

This is where Look Fabulous Forever comes into its own. Not only are Tricia’s products specifically designed for mature skin, but her website is an absolute mine of information and advice, including tips on choosing the right colours, how to solve particular dilemmas such as age spots or dark circles under eyes, as well as her famous video tutorials. See what she has to say in this short clip:

One of my favourite elements of the Look Fabulous Forever website is the Transformations section. There are before and afters for every decade from Over 50s to Over 80s. As a picture is worth a thousand words, I recommend you have a look at some of the makeovers… they will inspire you.

Tricia’s 30 Day Guarantee – buy it and try it. If it isn’t right for you, return it free of charge for your money back or to exchange for another colour or product. Free standard delivery for orders over £20. Freephone for Free Beauty Advice & Customer Support. 10% off your first order. Free Guide: How To Look Truly Fabulous Forever.

Sara (aka Marvellous-Mother-In-Law) and I are big fans of LFF and so we made a short video to tell you about our personal experiences with some of the most popular items on the website.

Read Tricia’s Why Bother With Make Up When You Are Old article here



    • Hi Ruth, Sara (MMiL) was wearing Clarins Skin Illusion, Amber no.112 and Clarins lippie was Lipstick Queen Highway 66. Hope that helps. Best wishes, Annabel

  1. I’ve been using Look Fabulous Forever products for several years now and agree wholeheartedly with your endorsement here. Not only are the products absolutely marvellous but the video tutorials are invaluable for getting the best out of them.
    Since the pandemic and lockdown, Tricia has started a wonderful Facebook group called Tricia’s Super Troopers which is proving to be enormously popular.
    What an amazing woman!!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful magazine! I look forward to receiving your emails – they always lift my spirits in this somewhat gloomy period we are all experiencing.

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