5 minute make-up using Look Fabulous Forever products

If everyone is like us you use make-up from a wide variety of ranges so we thought it would be interesting to see if we could do a complete make-up using only one range, Look Fabulous Forever. Let’s face it it makes life much easier especially as this range is only available online so no need to have to brave those vast beauty halls with the very unflattering lighting in your local department store.

Look Fabulous Forever is a range designed by Tricia Cusden who is herself approaching 70 years and both Grace and I are always admiring of how wonderful she looks. Naturally her make-up is immaculate and because of this we thought it would be fun to try it all out. I have had a Look Fabulous Forever makeover but it was all applied by a professional make-up artist.

It was time for Grace to take off all her make-up and apply the Look Fabulous make-up whilst we recorded on video each stage. We have not applied it on camera as that is a skill in itself and can look quite awkward!

The products that Grace used are as follows:

Smooth Like Silk Face Prime – £22

Continuous Cover Foundation (colour 2.5 )- £26

Real Radiance Blush (Peach cream) – £19

Look Fabulous Instant Bright Highlight – £21

Fabulous Eye Prime – £19.50

Bring Back Brow Shape – £19

No Shimmer Eye Shade (Aubergine & Soft Olive) – £15

Lustrous Colour Lipstick (Russet) – £18

Fabulous Lash Mascara- £17

The products that Annabel used were the same apart from some colour choices:

Continuous Cover Foundation no. 2

Lipstick – Sweet Pea

No Shimmer Eye Shade – Midnight Blue

Real Radiance Blush – Rosy Glow

All the above products are available by clicking here

It was such a fun morning which took us back to our teenage days when we had sleepover parties and played with our mother’s make-up, Elizabeth Arden or Helena Rubenstein! Hasn’t make-up moved on a lot since then? However it is so agreeable to us older women that someone like Tricia Cusden has dedicated her whole range to our age group and is so in tune with our differing beauty needs.

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4 years ago

Grace Annabel you two are great, loved the make-up blog. Both your make-up looks soft and natural not caked on or garish, that’s my pet hate when women of all ages plaster it on, but that’s my opinion.
Glad you had a lovely Greek holiday Annabel, the islands are a perfect way to relax.
Any way for some reason I missed you vlogs on May 11th about ‘ beach body’ preparation, I read it last night in bed. Oh dear me you two were so subtlety naughty I had such s laugh as Grace put it ‘the nether regions’ preparations, lol
Well this weather is gorgeous and I am unashamedly going to be watching the Royal Wedding pre and post TV coverage it’s a bit of escapism for me to enjoy these big Royal Occasions,why not as I think we are lucky to have a modern thinking Royal family.
Enjoy this lovely sunny weather both and have a nice weekend.
Thanks for you blog it’s so varied and interesting and yes on times humorous.
Love Pamela from sunny Wales ‍♀️ and Tina &Taffi my gorgeous long haired chihuahuas X