Woman of the Week: Lucie Conoley founder of The Mips

As regular readers of A&G know, Annabel and I like to support women, whatever their age, who have set up their own businesses or are involved in projects that mean a lot to them. In this article, we’re featuring Lucie Conoley, an emerging artist who we think has real talent…

Woman of the Week: Lucie Conoley founder of The Mips
Photo courtesy of Johnny Boylan

I was lucky enough to meet the effervescently charming Lucie Conoley a few weeks ago. A full time artist, Lucie is the mother of three beautiful boys under eight – so you can imagine she has a very busy life.

She is known for her uplifting colourful landscapes and is also the founder of The Mips – The Most Important Places – her bespoke map and house illustrations.


Lucie creates highly detailed illustrated maps of places, from Macclesfield to Marrakesh.

“I believe places are important to people for many reasons which may explain why so many of us have a love of maps. Maps can tell us where we are, where we have been and where we dream to go. I take that a step further so you can pick out your local coffee shop, your favourite park or even a particular tree.”

“One of my very first bespoke maps was for my ex-boss and his son couldn’t say “map”, pronouncing it “mip” – so that’s where I got the name from.”

When Lucie started drawing Mips nearly all her work was hand painted on canvas – her favourite method. But for bigger pieces, she also uses technology, rather like David Hockney does. One of her most important (and largest) corporate commissions so far has been a 22ft long map of Canary Wharf in London for the iconic One Canada Square building.

“Most of my commissions come from people who want to highlight important or key moments in their lives and they often ask me to combine areas to create their own fantasy map. I feel so fortunate because clients share all these amazing events, places and personal stories with me. And some people really go to town – I did one for a boy’s 18th birthday recently and there was Quidditch in there, the Eye of Sauron, yetis and all sorts. I love it when people go really bananas with it as it’s so much fun to do.”


Lucie has also had great success with her hand drawn individual houses – or, as she calls them – pad portraits.

People send her a photograph of their home and she creates a unique and detailed drawing of it.

After completing the picture digitally, she produces a giclee print on watercolour paper.

These vibrant bespoke maps and pad pictures make truly original gifts (or a treat for your own family). The first five readers to order one will be entitled to 20% discount. Please EMAIL Lucie directly if you are interested.

Several of her ready-to-buy map prints, such as this fantastic one of the River Thames, are available from Not On The High Street – browse now

Alternatively, why not follow Lucie Conoley on her Instagram or Facebook.

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