Make-up demonstration to give you a refreshed Spring look

Make-up demonstration to give you a refreshed Spring look

As you know Grace and I are great fans of Look Fabulous Forever make-up and skincare specifically for older women. This video from LFF came at a perfect time ie when many of us are wanting a Spring refresh for our make-up. I love the way that Sally incorporates green eye make-up into her routine. This is a colour I have never used and as I have similar eye colour to Sally I thought it was worth trying and would certainly uplift my make-up from all the sludgy brown colours I wear during the winter.

I also really like the way that Sally explains the uses of each of the brushes. Finally, Sally is a woman near my age which is refreshing as I want to see what make-up looks like on a similar skin tone and texture to my own.

I have listed all the products used below the video so that if you like them you can click on them to go through to the LFF website to purchase or find out more.

VIDEO BY LOOK FABULOUS FOREVER published on our website with their kind permission

I hope this has given you some inspiration for a Spring look.

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    • I just bought the green eye shadow trio to refresh my make-up ie not suggesting buying it all but hopefully, if you like make-up you will have a concealer, foundation, blusher, mascara brushes etc. It was highlighting the idea that green eyeshadow could be a good change or refresh.
      Best wishes, Annabel

  1. I first bought this make up about 5 yrs ago and started with an offer for warm toned skin, then an offer on the primers, and over the years have added to my LFF collection. What is great about it is ‘it works fantastically well on older skin’. Older skin is much drier than young skin, so needs a dfferent formultation.

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