Make Up Hacks for eyelashes – maximising your mascara

Grace and I think that we are never too old to learn new make-up tips. So we thought we would make a few vlogs on this subject starting with some make-up hacks for eyelashes.

It is so important to accentuate our eyelashes as this will make our eyes stand out. Eyes are such an important part of our facial features. They are often called the ‘windows to the soul’.

To be honest I feel undressed if I am not wearing mascara. So I am constantly looking out for tips on how to get the best out of my mascara.

We hope that some of these tips will work for you. Below the video we have added links for all of the products mentioned.

Kevin Aucoin eyelash curlers (SpaceNK) ~ click HERE

Laura Mercier translucent powder (SpaceNK) ~ click HERE

Givenchy mascara (from Boots) ~ click HERE

Muji cotton buds ~ click HERE

And here are some more tips by Grace to boost your eyelashes – click HERE