Sassy – making progress

Well I cannot believe we are already near the end of March – where is it all going?  I have recently returned from two weeks in the Caribbean. It was just perfect. I went last year and February is a perfect time to escape the winter blues. I had anticipated when we got back it would be March and spring would be peeking through. Instead we land in thick snow! That was a shock!

making progress / Sassy / Annabel and Grace at CountryWives

Deep and meaningful chats with BFF whilst away have put me in a positive frame of mind. She is one of only a few people who have known me married and in what I now call my next chapter of life. She has truly been my rock and I trust her advice and judgement but, when she says like everyone else, she is convinced I will meet someone I still have my doubts!

making progress / Sassy / Annabel and Grace at CountryWivesI continue to see a counsellor regularly and I feel I am making progress.  However I am concerned that we are now examining my relationship with my father whom I adored. It makes me question my relationship now with my sons and I sincerely hope they won’t be in therapy in years to come. We are all getting on so very well now and I am immensely proud of both of them.

I went to the theatre with my eldest on Mother’s Day. Complete strangers recognise him and chat to him as he is establishing himself as a West End producer. The theatre critic sitting next to us asked his opinion – I was much too distracted by Gary Barlow three seats away! At the “after party” (ooh get me!) he is feted by Broadway directors and he just proudly introduces little old me to everyone and I struggle not to show I am out of my depth (or drink too much champagne). Just smile and dazzle, smile and dazzle!

The youngest and I grab coffee and a Danish and catch up with each other. Making plans for a family Easter as the week after he is off travelling again for 10 weeks – Peru, Central America, South America and then Canada. I am insanely envious. H e is visiting places such as Machu Pichu – long long on my bucket list. But I avidly support and encourage him. He has no ideas yet of career choices but has squirrelled away thousands in savings. I think this is an excellent way of broadening his horizons quite literally, strengthening his confidence and it seems to be shaping him into a very well rounded grounded fabulous individual.

As I write this just post Mother’s Day, I can only say embrace family – love support and encourage them. I lost my father far far too soon and miss him (and my darling mother ) so very very much.