Mary Berry Lavender Shortbread Biscuits

Mary Berry Lavender Shortbread Biscuits

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Mary Berry’s Lavender Shortbread Biscuits is a hugely popular recipe on this website and well worth trying. They are so easy to make and perfect with a mid-morning cup of coffee – or as a gift to a friend tied up in cellophane with ribbon and a sprig of lavender!


  • 175g softened unsalted butter

  • 2 tbsp fresh, unsprayed, finely chopped lavender flowers (pick them off the stems to measure)

  • 100g caster sugar

  • 225g plain flour

  • 25g demerara sugar


  • Lightly grease three large baking trays. Put the softened butter and the lavender into a mixing bowl and beat together (this will obtain the maximum flavour from the lavender).
  • Beat the caster sugar into the butter and lavender and then stir in the flour, bringing the mixture together with your hands and knead lightly until smooth.
  • Divide the mixture in half and roll out to form two sausage shapes 15cm (6in) long. Roll the biscuit “sausages” in the demerara sugar until evenly coated. Wrap in baking parchment or foil and chill until firm.
  • Pre-heat oven to 160C/Fan 140C/325F/Fan 275F/Gas 3. Cut each “sausage” into about 10 slices and put them on the prepared baking trays, allowing a little room for them to spread. Bake for 15 to 20 mins, until the biscuits are pale golden brown at the edges. Lift them off the trays with a fish slice or palette knife and leave on a wire rack to cool completely.

Cook’s Tip

  • If you want to store lavender to make these scrummy shortbreads any time of the year, you can either freeze them or pick the flowers when they are in peak colour and put them in a sealed jam jar – they will keep for ages. You can also add the flowers to caster sugar and make lavender scented sugar – how Martha is that!
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Mary Berry Lavender Shortbread Biscuits
Grace’s attempt (not exactly GBBO material is she?) but, despite how they look, they tasted very good indeed…


    • Look out for our tip about storing lavender. Once I’d made these biscuits, I was desperate to store my few remaining lavender flowers so I could make them again! The shortbread keeps really well in an airtight tin btw.So long as you put a lock on the lid that is – these biscuits are seriously popular! Enjoy… Grace x

  1. I’ve just picked up this recipe and it looks good. I note that Mary’s refers to “lavender leaves” whereas Grace’s excellent idea for storage refers to lavender flowers. I store the dried flowers freshly every year and use them to make lavender scones. I wondered if using the leaves gives a stronger flavour, (not that one needs it!), and if they might be slightly tough. Would be glad of comments.

  2. thànks for this recipe. I Mde a batch .delicious! I was surprised how well they kept in the tin . Nice Nd crisp still after 1week.

    • Delighted you liked the recipe and thanks for the tip about how well they keep in a tin. Sadly, we couldn’t resist eating ours immediately, so there were none left for another day! Grace x

    • I have kept them for a week in the fridge, in an airtight container, and they still tasted crisp when I served them. Hope you enjoy them.

    • ‘Something came up’ while mine were chilling in the fridge and I then forgot ’em for several days. When I did get round to continuing they were really easy to slice off most evenly for baking and the end result was pretty well indistinguishable from those made with a somewhat shorter refigerator sojourn!

      • Thanks for your tip – I am going to try it as it would be good to have some chilling in the fridge and then bake them fresh as and when needed! Annabel

    • Hi Jan. As far as I am aware the conversions into US measurements are as follows: 175g butter = 3/4 cup, 2 tbsp lavender flowers = 10g, 100g caster sugar = 1/2 cup, 225g flour = 2 cups and 2tbsp sugar = 25g.
      I do hope this works for you. Please let us know how you get on! Best wishes, Grace

    • Hi Lois. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to that. Every time I bake a batch, they are eaten before I have time to say ‘Where’s a freezer bag?”. Hopefully one of our readers will have tried freezing them and will let you know… best wishes, Grace x

      • Thanks Grace, Im going to give them a go this afternoon and then freeze them. Then Ill be able to update. Thanks for your reply though.

        • Thank you so much Lois – I will be very interested to hear if they freeze well. Best wishes, Grace x

    • I rolled the dough into a log, froze it, and then cut off slices and baked them a few weeks later. They were delicious!

    • The lavender needs to be in peak colour, so would suggest you go online and buy some culinary lavender which is widely available and very inexpensive. Best wishes, Grace

  3. Hello. Can you use dried lavender flowers for this recipe and, if so, would you use the same amount? Thanks so much

    • Hi Susan. Yes, I made the biscuits with dried lavender once and used the same amount. They tasted great. Am sure you will enjoy these biscuits – quite unusual and so delish. Best wishes, Grace

  4. Hi!
    We have lavender growing in our nursery garden & one child was curious to know if we could eat lavender. We went inside & Googled recipes – we found this one. Today we picked the flowers & I have made a batch for the kids to try tomorrow (time was short today to make them in class). I really like them but tomorrow is the true test with the kids!!!!

    I’ll let you know how they go downX

    • When I made the shortbread I was concerned that my son wouldn’t like them… but, very surprisingly, he loved the lavender flavour. My lavender in the garden is just flowering so, like you, I’ll be baking some more shortbread very shortly. Would love to hear what the kids think – how old are they? Best wishes, Grace x

  5. Hello! I’m eager to make these for my best friend’s birthday, but live in the US and am an amateur baker at best. Could someone explain to me what I should preheat my oven to? I used to plain ol’ Fahrenheit ahaha. Thanks a bunch

    • Hi Hannah. LOL – am sure you will be fine with this foolproof recipe. And I’m also confident your best friend will LOVE them! We do give the oven temps in the recipe – it is 325F. Happy baking! Best wishes, Grace

  6. I measured everything accurately and my dough came out very crumbly. What is best to fix it? Add more butter or a little water? Thanks!

    • Hi Katie. The dough is supposed to be like that – it’s the ‘short’ in ‘shortbread’. But I do know what you mean. The point is that it’s very buttery and therefore not the easiest to work with. Perhaps add a few drops of water or a smidge of butter to your mix to make it more pliable. Or try chilling it before rolling and roll it out onto greaseproof paper. Hope that helps. The end result is definitely worth it! Best wishes, Grace

      • I had the same trouble with mine. Couldn’t get it to hold together at all. But I added some lemon juice (out of a bottle, not fresh, because it was all I had handy!) and that did the trick. The biscuits also tase very nice!

  7. Love the idea of these and have tried them. Unsure of the C oven temp as you say 140 and 160. I have tried 160 but they need longer then 20 mins?

    • Hi Jayne, thanks for getting in touch. The oven temperature is 160 (if you have a non fan oven) or 140 for a fan oven. Shortbread should be pale, so 20 mins is usually spot on. I left mine in once for longer – wanted them more golden – but they were less crumbly and moist to eat. Hope that helps… best wishes, Grace

  8. Thanks for the tip. So loved mine. I am going to make a huge batch to take for my sister’s Golden Wedding party. Do you know if they freeze so I can make them in batches beforehand?

    • Hi Jayne. Delighted you have had success with this wonderful recipe. I have never frozen them because they all seem to disappear so quickly! I have however successfully kept them for about a week in an airtight container. I can only suggest you make a quick batch and freeze a few to see if they retain their texture and flavour… hopefully you’ll have enough time to do this before your sister’s Golden Wedding party. Co-incidentally we had a fun lunch for my parents’ Golden Wedding anniversary yesterday – not bad considering it is my mother’s second marriage and my stepfather’s third marriage! They are both almost 90 and still going strong and still very much in love. Congratulations to your sister on her long marriage. Best wishes, Grace

      • Hi Grace. Just making my huge batch of these to take to my sister’s Golden Wedding party on Friday. Making 4 lots so hoping there will be spares!

  9. Just making a batch to send to my sister for Easter as the Golden Wedding ones went down very well. Was going to add a photo, but see I can’t????

    • Hi Jayne. Sorry we don’t have the facility to leave pix. But delighted you like the recipe. Hope you are staying safe, well and positive. Best wishes, Grace

  10. Tried this recipe and loved the results, would definitely recommend and will be using this again in no time I’m sure!

  11. I baked these at Easter time and gave as gifts to neighbours during lockdown. I baked mine for slightly less time which meant they were still a bit chewy but still so delicious. About to make a batch for Christmas pressies.

  12. I’ve used this recipe so many times now and it’s the most requested sweet treat from everyone I know! Excellent for gifts and a wonderful change from chocolate. Always a winner.

  13. Made these many a time now as we live not far from a lavender field so usually buy a bunch (or 2) every year 🙂 So easy to make and tasty, also very unusual! Going to bake some as extra Christmas presents for the family this week!

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