Me Time Special: Wellbeing indulgences you might like to try

Manuka honey from New Zealand

Apart from the delicious taste, Manuka honey has extraordinary and completely natural antibiotic, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral  properties unlike ordinary honey. Among its many uses it is believed to be highly effective in the cure of sore throats and digestive problems, boosting the immune system and is also widely used on burns and cuts, mouth ulcers and cold sores. Manuka Direct offers this wonderful honey from New Zealand, where the native Manuka plant grows. Buy HERE

Lumity Life offers clinically proven skin supplements developed by a Cambridge University scientist and loved by industry insiders. After a 12-week independent study, 92% of participants noticed a significant shift in the condition of their skin, hair and nails; 84% reported they had more energy and fewer instances of waking up in the night; and 88% noticed fewer energy slumps throughout the day.  MORE INFO

If you crave long, luscious lashes, then Annabel and I would recommend Revitalash. It’s a product we’ve both been using for years and can confirm that, with regular use, it has a big impact. It’s very expensive but really works. For more info click here. There are alternatives – read our post to find out what they are.

I am a fan of short nails – not least because I spend a fair amount of my day using a keyboard. But I still want them to look cared for even if they aren’t really long enough for a vibrant colour varnish. Well Dior has come up with Nail Glow, a treatment varnish that makes pink pinker and brightens nail tips – rather like an instant French manicure. Job done. BUY NOW

Couldn’t resist buying another Hypnose Drama mascara – this time from Lancome website where I received £5.40 off the usual price of £27 with their Black Friday deal. Free P&P too. TIP: Don’t pump the wand into the barrel as it will dry out the mascara.

Now winter is here, you may find your cuticles are a bit dry/brittle and need nourishing. Jessica’s Phenomen Oil is highly penetrative and does the job well while also promoting strong nail growth. MORE INFO

Now that lockdown masks stop us wearing lipstick, it’s fun to experiment with a new eyeshadow colour. I’ve got my eye on Look Fabulous Forever’s range. Their matte formulation flatters mature eyes by disguising creases. Available in warm and cool shades. The darker tones make a great eyeliner when applied with a fine brush. 20% off any product with free standard delivery on orders over £20 when you use code BF20 at checkout. MORE INFO

Now what are you going to wear while you are having some me time? How about a gown from One Hundred Stars? I have been wearing mine every day for at least three years and it still looks as good as new. The designs are FABULOUS. It’s made from a blend of modal and viscose which creates a silky smooth lightweight material which has a more sustainable impact on the environment. It is lightweight, longline and has useful front pockets. I use mine as a dressing gown but you could easily layer it over your day clothes. Currently reduced and available in lots of beautiful vibrant patterns. MORE INFO

RANDOM WELLBEING TIP: Are you a natural worrier? The same negative thoughts going over and over in your mind? Then try this trick. Tell yourself that you will set aside time to worry – for example, Wednesday at 10am. Until then, you can get on with your life. Worry free.

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