Medical Pedicure: the most wonderful indulgent treat for your feet

Last week I had to take my husband (OH) back to hospital for a follow-up consultation following his back surgery. Of course I was not allowed in the hospital so as I knew this, in advance, I had booked myself a medical pedicure around the corner at Margaret Dabbs in New Cavendish St. London.

Margaret Dabbs London is the globally recognised brand specialising in both credible, results driven feet, hands and leg products and also manicure, pedicure and leg treatments for both men and women which will provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for hands, feet and legs. 

I had always wanted to have a medical pedicure with one of the Margaret Dabbs qualified Podiatrists as I love all of her products and have been using some of them throughout lockdown.

“One treatment will transform your feet and may just change your life.”

It is the most thorough foot treatment you will ever receive – think hygienist for the feet, and foot facialist all in one.

Whatever your concern, hard skin, corns, callus, dry skin, bunions, ingrown toe nails, fungal nails, Athlete’s foot, an ageing foot and biomechanical and gait related issues – all are addressed within the 45 minute treatment.

Every 45 minute medical pedicure treatment is bespoke so I was able to discuss with my Podiatrist the one small bunion I had. She agreed that, as it was giving me no pain, I should live with it as who needs to have an operation and 6 weeks on crutches after the year we have had to date. However she gave me an exercise for that big toe to keep it mobilised as bunions can impair the movement of the big toe.

My feet came out looking like brand new. I thought some of my nails had a fungus infection but the Podiatrist put my mind at rest as she explained it was varnish that had sunk into the nail and it was difficult to remove using just remover. So she sanded it off. The results were outstanding and I was left feeling good about my feet as she said they were in great condition.

These treatments are extremely popular with both men and women alike, you will leave feeling like you are walking on air. A great gift for a friend and Margaret Dabbs London now consists of nine clinics in the UK e.g. Guildford, Glasgow & Cheltenham.


45 mins with a fully qualified Podiatrist | £85.00
With Senior Podiatrist | £100.00
With Director/Principal Podiatrist | £130.00

Post medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs having nail varnish applied
Having varnish applied

You can also book to have nail varnish applied post your medical pedicure treatment and even that experience was sublime. The attention to detail and care that the beautician took was second to none even using a tiny cosmetic brush to apply the varnish to my miniscule little toe nail.

I cannot recommend this treatment more highly as I think our feet have to work very hard for us and get forgotten. I have regular beauty pedicures but this was a whole other level!

Feet ready for summer sandals after a medical pedicure at Margaret Dabbs
Ready for summer sandals!

To purchase Margaret Dabbs products online click HERE

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2 years ago

I have just discovered Margaret Dabbs Nail & Cuticle Serum which is working wonders on my fragile, flaking, peeling nails (disguised under nail varnish!)

I would love a Margaret Dabbs pedicure and will certainly book one the next time I venture to the big city. (I live in the sticks – 36 mile round trip to the nearest Tesco’s!)

Pauline Girling
Pauline Girling
2 years ago

Oh my goodness …the cost of that 45 minute session with a qualified podiatrist in London seems exorbitant to me. Visiting a qualified and registered podiatrist where I come from isn’t a luxury – it’s an option if you suspect you have a foot or nail problem and your regular beauty salon pedicurist doesn’t have the training or the knowledge to diagnose it, so then you would arrange a visit to the foot clinic. There are many of these clinics in larger cities in Ontario as podiatry is a profession with a governing Canadian body and fully recognized by our Provincial health care system (OHIP).

Our local hospital has a very pleasant foot clinic facility (staffed of course by a team of qualified podiatrists all employed by the health care system). You just call up and make an appointment ….. no referral required. I was there a month ago to have a treatment and also getting advice on a fungus on my toe nail. After the initial consultation and review of my feet, the podiatrist gave me a complete medical pedicure, treated the toe nail and when she had finished the whole process suggested I booked a follow up appointment for 6 week’s time.

The 60 minute treatment – in a very pleasant environment – cost $50 – equivalent to around £30. Now I am registered all follow up visits will be $40 (£25). I definitely do agree that a full medical pedicure is on a whole different level to a usual salon pedicure. But as we get older we should think about how healthy well cared for feet contribute significantly to our ongoing feeling of comfort and security ……but most people just seem to link foot health to a pretty set of toenails!