A Memory Foam Pillow from Silentnight. We have tried it!

When Silentnight asked Grace and I to review their Cotton Breeze Memory Foam Pillow we were both sceptical that they could convert us to memory foam.

A Memory Foam Pillow from Silentnight. We have tried it!

Searching for the perfect pillow to lay our head on is a constant quest. When we were born we slept with no pillow. Then as young people we could sleep anywhere with or without any pillow. However now we are a little older we need all the help we can get to enjoy 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. We should spend one third of our lives asleep.

I always say that you would not go for a hike in a pair of badly fitting shoes. So why would you go to bed and sleep with a pillow that is uncomfortable and gives you neck ache.

I have a memory foam mattress however I have never been able to find a memory foam pillow that works. I have wasted so much money on pillows that now sit in my loft back in their original bag. Maybe one day one of my kids will get to my age when they start needing well-fitting shoes, retinol face creams and a better pillow!

My memory foam pillow from Silentnight arrived. Immediately I realised how much lighter it is than previous memory foam pillows that I have tried.

Silentnight statement:
Silentnight Cotton Breeze Memory Foam Pillow showing perforated memory foam shell
  • The Silentnight Cotton Breeze Memory Foam Pillow has a unique perforated memory foam shell, which generates increased air movement to help maintain a cooler sleeping surface and encourages deeper, more restful sleep. In addition, it has a memory foam centre, which provides a firm core – this is wrapped in soft hollowfibre to provide an adaptive pillow for back and side sleepers.
  • The pillow is encased in a soft breathable cotton cover, which features a luxurious striped pattern. The cover features mesh walls allowing air circulation to move easily around the pillow. The zipped cover is removable for machine washing. This pillow is hypoallergenic. This means it doesn’t contain any materials which may cause allergies and comes with a two year guarantee.

Annabel’s review:

I tried this pillow during last week’s mini heatwave. I am one of those women who cannot find the perfect temperature to sleep in. My husband complains that I am constantly kicking the duvet off and then pulling it back on. This, combined with the fact that, whilst I love a squishy pillow to fall asleep on, I find that it does seem to add to my temperature issues. Often the pillow often ends up on the floor by the morning.

Silentnight Cotton Breeze Memory Foam Pillow

I read all the ‘blurb’ from Silentnight that this pillow will be cooler than other known brands. And it worked, my pillow and I had not parted company. As the week went on I decided to turn off my alarm and see if I could sleep past 7.00am. The first morning I slept until just after 8 a.m. Last night I slept until 8.45a.m. – 9 hours of blissful sleep.

The other winning factor for me is that it is hypoallergenic and I suffer from allergies, hayfever etc. I know I am meant to use a hypoallergenic pillow but I have never found one that was comfortable. Again this Silentnight pillow did help with this and I did not wake up with my normal running nose. I can wash the cover regularly which will also help with this issue.

Grace’s review:

I arrived back from a short holiday in Greece and found my Silentnight Memory Foam Pillow had arrived. I, like many others, love holidays but I do miss my own bed and pillows. Sleep is so important to me. My husband, for many years, has had to get up very early to catch that first commuter train to London. So disturbed nights are part of my life. I have tried hard to learn to fall back to sleep but it is so difficult when it is quite near my normal get up time.

Nowadays my husband works more from home and only goes to London occasionally. However on the second night of trying this Silentnight pillow he was once again rising early and believe it or not I slept right through.

Silentnight Cotton Breeze Memory Foam Pillow

This Silentnight pillow is so unlike any other memory foam pillow I have ever tried. It is so much softer and yet still is very supportive keeping my head and neck in one place. I have now lent my pillow to my husband to see if we should buy one for him.

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