A Message from Annabel & Grace in these uncertain times

In light of the uncertainty we all face in the coming weeks, we hope you are all keeping positive and healthy. We wanted to update our lovely A&G community that we are keeping to business as usual still writing posts and keeping in touch with our newsletters.

We are both working from our own homes with lots of immune supporting food and fresh air and enjoying not getting in the car. I hope you are all able to do likewise.

Our online magazine has always been about keeping positive and enjoying our later years however we are aware that now, more than ever, we need even more positivity. Our age group is more susceptible than most to COVID-19 which makes it even more important to keep in touch with friends particularly those that live on their own.

We will continue to bring you relevant posts; things to do whilst you are in isolation, recipes using store cupboard ingredients (wherever possible), wellbeing posts to keep your mind and body healthy and stories from our guest bloggers to keep your spirits high, reviews of books, podcasts and other forms of entertainment that we can still get whilst in isolation.

We will keep our website going even through these difficult times.

This week Grace wrote about Self isolating: How to stay occupied and stave off boredom and she will be giving us more ideas next week. Meanwhile a friend from Italy, Kamin Mohammadi, wrote a heartbreaking Letter from the Italian Lockdown however even with the devastating effects of this virus there was still hope coming from our Italian friends. She said, “We are all the same now. The virus has been a great leveller as well as a great unifier”.

We will come through this but we all need to support each other whatever way we can, from a distance of course. So if you can please share our website with your friends, who might truly enjoy it and benefit from it.

Just send our website details to your friends annabelandgrace.com

Now is the time for all of us to keep connected with all the incredible technology that we have available.

We would like to thank you for your support and loyalty – it means so much to us. We have been touched in our local community how everyone has pulled together so let us in the A&G community keep up the good work and stay strong and well.


  1. Loving the yoga… part of my day whether it’s before 2 hours onto Vodaphone about my newly smashed screen or after ….much needed. Oh How I hate call centres I know they are necessary but I spoke to two people neither could I really understand , one from the Philippines and the other Egypt ! It’s so hard to say ….I really cannot understand your accent. Temperance Gill , forbearance and tolerance. Did I say temperance, well that’s staying off the wine …not sure about that one !

    • Delighted you are finding the yoga video useful Gill. It’s also part of my daily routine now. Good luck with Vodafone – I’m with them too… they’re usually quite efficient. Anyhow, it’s six o’clock now, so I’m off to pour myself a little glass of something… cheers! Best wishes, Grace

  2. Hello Grace
    Thank you so much for finding that lovely oh I did love it but it starts at size 10 and I am a 6 may be an 8 sometimes it was so kind of you Grace and thank you soooo much again
    I think you both do a magnificent job
    Take Care
    With Love
    Barbra’s x

    • Hi Barba. What a shame. Will keep you in mind in case I spot one that comes in a smaller size. Thank you for the lovely comment – we both appreciate it very much. Best wishes, Grace

  3. Dear ladies, what an inspiration you are! Keep the articles coming and thank you very much. Chris Pole.

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