The lowdown on Morpheus8 – the non-surgical facelift

When you are 50 and over, you may feel your skin needs a little help. Like many others, Judy Murray was unhappy with her skin’s condition, years worth of sun damage and what her son’s had been calling her ‘turkey neck’. So as you may have seen in the press, she has shared her before and after photos after receiving 3 treatments of Morpheus8. 

Judy Murray - 50 and over - Morpheus8

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a Microneedling Radio Frequency device that works on the concept of causing controlled injuries to the skin. These controlled injuries send the skin into its wound healing mode, which involves:

Cell migration and proliferation.

This means that growth factors come to the area of injury and encourage new cell division to repair the injured site. All of these new baby cells that have been produced start to push up the old pigmented and damaged cells, so you may experience some shedding, but the skin appears much brighter and smoother.


This is the formation of a new micro blood supply to feed the injured site with as much oxygenated blood as possible to heal as quickly as possible. Oxygen is what the cell needs to live and communicate. (Please note: the skin cells can ONLY gain oxygen from our blood supply, external oxygen is actually a free radical)

Fibroblast migration and stimulation:

The fibroblast cell is the cell that produces our collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (our natural hyaluronic acid that keeps our skin plump).

All of these processes can be induced with many other techniques and devices such as Microneedling alone, chemical peels, radiofrequency alone, IPL and lasers. All work at different degrees to instigate the skin’s wound healing response. I believe that multiple modalities are better than one.

All sounds great right?

There’s a catch……All of these processes and the end result will be entirely dependent on the health of each individual’s skin! 

For example:

  • If your skin lacks free water levels, it won’t shed those dead pigmented skin cells as well.
  • If you have a poor blood supply to the tissues, the cells won’t get as much oxygen as they need to proliferate and communicate to other cells to keep up the reproduction.
  • If your extracellular matrix does not have the structure for the fibroblasts to crawl across to where they need to be, or if you have very few fibroblast cells within your dermis, you will have minimal collagen and elastin production. 

What this all means

The result of the treatment, regardless of what treatment it is, will only be as good as the skin’s health receiving the treatment. In my personal opinion, I believe that Judy would have had an even better result had she improved her skin’s health before having the Morpheus8 treatment. Not to mention the difference in lighting has made the photos quite misleading. 

Judy Murray - 50 and over - Morpheus8

The Morpheus8 technology runs along very similar lines to many other devices. I use Venus Viva with its Nano Fractional Resurfacing Radio Frequency. I have worked with this device for many years now and wouldn’t be without it. This procedure is safe, has minimal downtime, and allows me to control the amount of tissue ablation and coagulation on all different face areas. By ablating tiny fractions for the tissue away, providing the skin is healthy, it pulls the skin tighter together and produces beautiful new collagen and elastin.

50 and over face treatment

For anyone 50 and over considering having a similar treatment, my advice would be to speak to a skin specialist and make sure that you are on the right home care plan and that your skin is in its optimum health to see the best outcomes. 

If you want to discuss this or any other skincare issues with Jade Shelden, Medical Facialist at Norfolk Skin Atelier Email: Tel: 07947103355 For more posts by Jade Shelden click HERE

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1 year ago

I’ve just had my first Morpheus 8 treatment after seeing Judy Murray , so far the results are great !! Next one in a few weeks time