Mosquito spray for outside areas which you can make yourself

I have recently been away in Corfu at The Rou Estate which is a total paradise in the mountains, on the north east coast of the island. However in the past I have been bitten by mosquitoes which is natural for any hot country. However this year I went armed with this recipe for a homemade mosquito spray. I have used it liberally around the outside area that we sit in and none of us have been bitten! It has been a joy as there is nothing worse and in the past the itching from the bites have woken me during the night.

The Rou Estate, Corfu from the post - Mosquito spray for outside areas which you can make yourself
The Rou Estate

So here is the recipe for the mosquito spray and do not ask me how anyone found that this combination of ingredients worked but it does.

  • 3 cups of Epsom salts
  • Big bottle (475 mls approx) of cheap mint mouthwash
  • 3 stale 350ml cheap beer.

Mix these three together until the salts are dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit outside, around pools. It will not harm plants or flowers. The mosquitoes will disappear from that area for approx. 80 days. This means you need to spray your decking area twice a summer. The stronger you mix the longer it will last. The bonus is that this mosquito spray has a nice mint smell for that area!

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3 years ago

Hi thanks for the tips! Re the stale beer, is this an ale or a lager beer? When you say stale do you mean you open it, pour it and leave it to go stale, if so for how long. Or do you let it go out of date, then use? Excuse my ignorance in the meaning of ‘stale beer’ also where. Do your buy Epsom Salts? Chemist?

Many thanks

Nina Barker

3 years ago

Brilliant – I wonder if it would work left under a bed in an open tray? Mozzies love me!

3 years ago

Any tips for something to deter flies? There are a lot about in this warm weather, and I hate bluebottles more than anything!