Our All-time Most Popular Recipes – You Must Try These!

Annabel and I have been testing (and tasting) recipes for ten years now and we thought it would be fascinating to see which of the ones we have featured on this website are currently our all-time most popular recipes.

Well, it made for very interesting reading as it shows that our lovely A&G readers are keen on all types of cuisine, but that the top three were all from the inimitable Mary Berry. So here, as they say “for your delectation”, are the top twelve – just click on the photograph or the blue link of any that tickle your tastebuds and print off the recipe.

1. Pillowy Yorkshire Puds the outright winner with 220,365 hits. If you’re looking for failsafe homemade Yorkshires, look no further.

2. Mary Berry Lavender Shortbread – 117,922 views make this the second most popular recipe on this A&G website. Ever wondered how to use the lavender that grows in your garden? Save this one to use between June and August when your plants bloom and are ready to be picked.

3. Real Honeycomb Ice Cream – 69,319 clicks on this have proved this dessert is popular all year round. Fun to make too. Thanks to Emma S. who flagged this up to me a couple of years ago.

4. Oven Roasted Smoked Haddock – 25,250 views. A good blend of three textures – moist smoky fish, creamy cauliflower puree and crispy black puddings.

5. Normandy Pork Casserole – 20,794 clicks. This is one of my absolute faves for a supper party. It’s easy to prepare and a real crowd pleaser.

6. Cheat’s Millionaire Shortbread – 17,856 hits on this one. This is a chocolatey saviour which can be made from scratch in half an hour.

7. Fantastic Savoy Cabbage – 12,136 views. Full of flavour, this side dish is the perfect partner for grilled meat.

8. Spicy Chilli & Coriander Dressing. Totally guilt free – crunchy, sweet, sour and hot… and rather good. 9443 clicks.

9. Proper Coronation Chicken – 8883 views. One of our national favourites, this tastes so good it will have you salivating for seconds. Thanks to Marvellous-Mother-In-Law for this one.

10. Italian Seared Beef. 8187 clicks. Combining rare beef and pesto makes this salad an instant hit. From my much-thumbed Jamie Oliver Five Ingredients cookbook.

11. White Chocolate and Raspberry Brioche Pudding. Amazingly I have been buying raspberries this December and they taste great. So this mouthwateringly good dessert can be made right now. Thanks go to Claudia who cooked this for me once, which is why I’m sharing it with you now. 6645 views as did another Mary Berry wonder, Divine Lemon Pots, it’s the pud I always go for as it is so easy and so scrummy!

12. Crab and Avocado Tian – 6550 clicks. Last but definitely not least, this makes a light lunch or starter. It’s fresh, vibrant, creamy and zingy.

Don’t forget we have 700+ tried and tasted recipes on this website – type an ingredient into the Search bar (top right of every page) or click on Recipes in the menu bar.