Mother’s Day gift ideas whether you are giving or receiving

Time to get organised for Mother’s Day and so, to help you along, I have searched out some fun, unusual, pretty, gift ideas.

Mother's Day gift ideas whether you are giving or receiving

Mother’s Day is always important in the annual calendar and celebrated by many. Traditionally it took place on the fourth Sunday of Lent and was a day on which Christians were encouraged to visit their “mother church”. This year it falls on Sunday, 14th March, and it will possibly be more meaningful than in previous years. Many people have not seen their mother this year if she has been in a care home. And at the other end of the scale, we may not have been able to give a Mother’s hug to our own children who have been staying away to protect us. However, I like to celebrate the verb to mother as there are women I know who have never had children; however, they have mothered me at times. So it is really a day to celebrate mothering.

This year as my mother has passed on; I will buy a small present for each of my children to show that being their mother means so much. You need never stop showing your love, so here are some suggestions depending on whether you are the giver or the receiver.


If your mother is 65 or over, one of the best gift ideas would be a subscription to this fabulous online club. It has activities and offers to suit everyone, including an online choir (Prue Leith is allegedly a member), creative writing courses, Zumba, Pilates & Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong classes via Zoom. Discount offers for Look Fabulous Forever lipsticks, natural deodorants, pet products, and products to make living with arthritis easier. There are interviews, articles and something for everyone. In actual fact, there is so much choice I could fill my whole lockdown week with Joy Club events.

For more info click HERE

THE BALANCED KITCHEN – recipe for homemade chocolates

Mother's Day gift ideas whether you are giving or receiving

A reader introduced us to The Balanced Kitchen’s Instagram account and suggested that we look at the recipe for Sugar-free dark chocolate Chilli and Orange Spring Flowers. Homemade chocolates are always so appreciated by mothers as they show you have put time, effort and thought into the gift.


Mother's Day gift ideas whether you are giving or receiving

You all know I love fashion, but some times I go for comfort and fun, and if these two are combined, I am happy. My next choice may surprise some people as they perhaps consider Crocs to be the ugliest shoes; however, if you are in that camp, think again. I was given a pair for Christmas by my daughter’s boyfriend. Actually, he also gave a pair to my husband, and we both love them. We keep them by the back door when we want to slip something on quickly to go outside or do a gardening spot. They can be wiped clean but if you want an extra special clean then stick them in the dishwasher. I will be taking them on holiday, whenever that may be, as they will make good beach or pool shoes. They are so comfortable so give them a second chance as you will be amazed at how quickly they become part of your wardrobe. I highly recommend them as a possible Mother’s Day gift. If they are good enough for the catwalk, Prince George and Helen Mirren, they are perfect for me.


And if you want to look Marblous in Marble design Crocs and get a 20% discount…..



The weather these past two months has been bleak. We have had sub-zero temperatures as well as lots of rain. Hopefully, the temperatures are now on the ascendancy, but we will have to live with the rain. Walking has become part of our everyday lives, even for those not dog owners. How many times have you been caught out in a downpour when you are only wearing a light jacket? The People’s Poncho is the answer to this as they are fully waterproof, and each one comes with a bag with a carrying strap for maximum ease of use and transport. I love that they can be popped over whatever you are wearing. You don’t have to try to squeeze a thick jumper sleeve into an armhole.

The People’s Ponchos have a 3 layer membrane consisting of a technical tricot-knit-fabric that ensures breathability. They don’t blow up in the wind as they have a unique waistband to prevent flapping up in the wind and provide stability on a bike or walking. Each one size fits all poncho has a water-resistant front pocket and does not require washing, wipe it down and wear. If you are a biker, the poncho comes with handlebar straps.

Grow Your Own SUPERFOOD – Classic Kitchen Garden MICROGREENS Starter KIT


Grow Your Own 5 VARIETIES OF VEGETABLE SEEDS TO MICROGREENS– Verdant Republic’s seeds starter box contains everything you need to successfully grow 5 types of classic microgreens– BROCCOLI, PEA, RADISH, ROCKET & SUNFLOWER. As well as seeds, this kit comes with 100% biodegradable coir peat pots, coir pellets, plant markers and an instruction guide.

FREDDIE’S FLOWERS – a subscription or a one-off delivery

Of course, flowers never displease. I am a big fan of Freddie’s Flowers – I was given a fortnightly subscription by my husband last year for Mother’s Day. During this winter, they have brought colour to our home. The flowers are so fresh and of such high quality that they last two weeks if you look after them. Each box of flowers comes with instructions on caring for them and how best to display them. They also come with information on each of the blooms, so I am learning about the different flowers as I arrange them.


My mother loved a lavender bag to keep in her wardrobe. I suppose it was to keep the moths away, but I also think she loved the fragrance of lavender. Grace introduced me to Samantha Dawn Textiles. I love their Natural Lavender and Flaxseed Eye Pillow, which I keep on my pillow all day so that by the time I go to bed, my bed pillow is infused with fragrance. I then pop it on my eyes for a few minutes before I fall asleep. Lavender is a known sleep aid, and as so many older people need help getting to sleep, these Eye Pillows would be a popular gift. These items are available from Etsy and come beautifully packaged.

For more info click HERE


Finally if you want to support women – STITCH SAINTE LUCE have some gift ideas

Stitch Sainte Luce is a cooperative in Madagascar, supported by the charity SEED Madagascar, which has taught embroidery, as well as business skills in maths, sales and English language, to over 100 women, so that they can produce and sell the products to help bring an income to families in the poorest country in the world, where almost 80% of the population lives on less than $1.90 per day.

Stitch Sainte Luce has brought much more than an income stream to the women involved in the project, and the craft skills they have learnt have also helped to empower them and given them hope for the future. The women have always been encouraged to develop their own style, rather than being pushed towards Western designs, building their self-confidence and allowing them to progress as artists. Many of the women are exceptionally creative, and through collaborative pieces, where several women work on the same article, the Cooperative produces highly detailed and delicate pieces of artwork that are desired by a whole range of customers – from interior designers, schools, African collectors, fellow embroiderers and artists. The result is that these women not only now create one-of-Annie-Tkind pieces of art but have built a closer women’s community, have closed the gender income gap within their households and have established lifelong skills that ensure financial stability.

Each of the products that Stitch Sainte Luce produces is one of a kind, and every item is unique. For more examples of gift ideas that can be bought from the Cooperative’s website – click HERE.

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