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I am not OCD but I do like a tidy and clean house. It may be something to do with growing up on a farm where the outside seemed to merge with the inside and cleanliness was not put next to godliness. My mother felt there were more important things than cleaning a house and in many respects she may have been right. However I now love to keep my house looking and smelling clean. We have become more aware that the use of chemicals in cleaning products is perhaps not so good for skin conditions such as excema and all these anti-bacterial sprays may actually be doing more harm than good. So when I heard about Tincture London and their 100% natural cleaning products I was, of course, fascinated to learn more.

natural cleaning products

The company was started by two sisters, Angelika and Anastasia, who have 6 children between them. After international careers in business and the fragrance industry, they settled down in London with their families and they came up with the idea to produce a range of all-natural cleaning products made in Suffolk and assembled in Norfolk. The bottles are treated with silver to keep them bacteria free and Tincture London uses the power of nature to clean and protect the home, without artificial or synthetic ingredients.

“We wanted to create a superior all-natural cleaning product range that would not compromise on the health and wellbeing of the user or the environment. TINCTURE enhances the experience of household cleaning, creating a cleansing journey akin to a therapeutic spa experience as well as looking subtle and stylish in any home.” – Angelika Davenport

Angelika is right there as the bottles look super-stylish – they could be mistaken for beauty products and of course no harm would be done if you did use the all-surface cleaner on your face as the properties of sage, clove and juniper would enhance your well-being as it says in the brochure! Jokes aside the fragrances are divine and I am now addicted to the IONA washing up tincture which is enriched with Norfolk chamomile (where the products are put together) and smells so wonderful that even my Husband remarked when I got him to do the washing-up. I must add that no fragrance has been added and the smell of each product is derived purely from the raw materials used in the formula for their antiseptic properties. I stopped wearing rubber gloves as it cannot harm my skin and I often leave the sink full of soapy suds as the fragrance of herbs permeates the kitchen.

“As our environments are becoming ever more polluted by chemicals, artificial scents and toxic ingredients, TINCTURE returns us to an age when natural plants were used for their protective and medicinal properties for cleansing, an era where knowledge of the scientific properties of botanical plants were garnered over time and used with wisdom. The most exciting thing about TINCTURE is discovering how antibacterial, antiseptic and detoxification ingredients already exist in nature.” – Anastasia Brozler

I then tried out the furniture tincture which is enriched with beeswax, benzoin resin and cedar wood and gave my tired kitchen table a bit of an uplift and shine. The next step was to persuade my Russian cleaner to embrace the Tincture London products as excitedly as I have as she, like most cleaners, insists that all cleaning products have at least 2-parts bleach and come with a heavy TV advertising campaign endorsing their cleaning attributes. I nervously left them by her cleaning box and departed on a long dog walk but when I returned she had found them and was interested to know what they were. As I type she is cleaning all the surfaces in the kitchen with the all purpose tincture and looks very happy. She has told me the glass and mirror tincture is excellent. Phew what a relief that she loves them too. My house is going to smell like a herb garden.

natural cleaning products

I was interested that the sisters inspiration has been taken from monastic cloister gardens and their knowledge of active botanicals, where herbs and spices have been used since ancient times, not only as antioxidants and flavouring agents, but also for their antimicrobial properties to protect against pathogens and bacteria.

Maybe it is my age but I like that we are now using all of this herbal knowledge and applying it to modern day life. Cleaning is such a chore but if can be made safer and more pleasant then it must be worthwhile and Tincture London have successfully embraced these ideas.

Click here to see the full range on the Tincture London website

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Carol Dempsey
Carol Dempsey
5 years ago

Place an order with this company still not recieved my order rang the company twice no answer goes straight to answer phone sent e-mail still no reply not very good customer care still awaiting my order