Nature at its best: an early morning walk during the heatwave

We would like to welcome a new guest contributor, Chrissy Brooks, an author of short stories. When I read this story I enjoyed the way it made me stop and think. Too often we are in a rush and miss the wonders of nature that are all around us and so this short story has made me slow down when I am on a walk and just absorb the beauty of my surroundings – it is another form of mindfulness.

I went out this morning at 5 am with my two trusty furry companions beside me in an effort to get them out at the coolest part of the day as I cannot imagine how awful it must be to be wearing a fur coat in this weather. As it is I myself am like a beached whale in this heat, hiding behind my shutters, no clothes on under a fan! Not a pleasant image I hear you say and unfortunately, I can only agree with you but that said let me share another image with you. Though most people are tossing and turning under damp sheets, there are wonderful compensations to be had for going out so early.

Watching the pale pink skyline turn from dusty rose to shimmering salmon, the first glint of gold creeping up to create a smorgasbord of radiant colour. In this heat, the birds are mostly silent (too hot to sing) but this morning our walk was serenaded by a Robin in full voice competing with a Blackbird so I had to stop and listen, finding the melody of each individual song come together like a chorus of school children but the very best thing on our walk was this! up in the tree was a beautiful faerie staircase, each step a pale cream, spotted platform on which to dance and flutter her gossamer wings as she made her way up the tree, away from the world of men, safely encased by mother nature. I could not help but marvel at this beautiful world with its weird and wonderful creations that only now and again, does she give you a glimpse of!

For some reason, I felt privileged like she had chosen to share this wonderful secret with us and for just a moment, I considered following her, leaving this earthly world behind me, flanked by my two best friends, up and up into the tree!!!!!

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Sue Tang
Sue Tang
6 months ago

A lovely column today – I love seeing the fungal creations in our local woods and think it is such a pity they don’t last very long.

6 months ago
Reply to  Sue Tang

I will pass that onto Chrissy. She has some lovely posts coming up. Ax