Neck-cercise with Jane Mann: a course of exercises to keep the neck taut

Lockdown has been a letdown and we’ve spent a lot of our time looking down. Trying to keep in touch via devices rather than in person has led to shoulder and neck aches, and extra paunchy chins. Jowls are developing because of the pull of gravity, as well as age. But even all of us 50 plus women, by practising some easy to learn exercises, can lift our jowls, smooth our neck and sculpt our chin. All in the comfort of our own home, and it’s relaxing and pain-free too.

Jane Mann, The Organic Beautician, Neck-cercise course for 50 plus women

Jane Mann, the Organic Beautician, is running an online Neck-cercise course starting on 22nd March.

Following on from the Lockdown Facelift, this online course targets the lower areas of the face that annoy so many women (and men…) and also helps ease tense shoulder and neck muscles. Take your face to the gym in the comfort of your own home. 

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In the last two Lockdown Facelifts, what women asked about most was how to lose their jowls and smooth their necks, so this session will concentrate on those areas

Prepare to lose your jowls!

Neck-cercise course for 50 plus women

In this three week course, you’ll learn how to lift the jowls, define the chin and iron out the neck. We’ll also work on those Zoom-induced shoulder-aches.

Yes, it’s been a drear winter, but let’s seize the opportunity to Spring out of this looking better, brighter and more youthful!

Learn to ‘lift’ your own neck & face

The whole country now knows the vital importance of keeping  fit and healthy through regular exercise of our bodies and keeping fit, but why don’t we put that effort into our faces as well as our bodies? 

Why don’t we work the muscles in our face and neck? 

Well, why bother? Don’t they get enough exercise with chatting, eating, kissing, drinking, shouting at the news and swearing at politicians? 

No, they don’t actually. All those movements are repetitive and unconscious, and just contribute to creating lines and wrinkles, and who wants those?. 

When you work out regularly in the gym to hone your bodily muscles, you soon see results, don’t you?

But your face has muscles too, and in this online course, you can easily learn some simple exercises which will

  • Tone the contours of the chin and cheek
  • Eradicate droopy jowls
  • Smooth the front of the neck eliminate necklace lines

Sounds magic, doesn’t it?

But it’s not, it’s just a series of carefully targeted movements which anyone can quickly and easily learn.

Each week, there’ll be a new exercise video for you to work alongside at your leisure. 

Just like the last time, there’ll be a private Facebook group with Radiant Skin recipes and a place to ask questions, and the new videos will land there. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Facebook, though, because you can follow the videos on Youtube.

There are bonuses too:

  • You’ll get a 50 Shades of Clay mini Beauty Box, and which contains everything you’ll need to follow along with the 50 Shades of Clay workshop
  • You’ll get 4 videos you can keep and refer to in the future because this is a skill for life, not a five-minute wonder.

As an added bonus, there’ll be some live Zoom workshops:

  • 50 Shades of Clay session
  • Q&A – no point in making the effort, if you’re doing it wrong
  • Zoom Radiant Skin Session – learn to love your skin

All of which will further improve the look and feel of your skin.

And, if you’re feeling fed up with the whole Lockdown thing, this will cheer you up no end, because it’s hard not to laugh at a screen full of people wearing clay!
What’s the benefit?
Your facial contours will be smoother and firmer, your skin will look more even-toned, because of the increased circulation, lines and wrinkles will look smoother, because of the increased muscle tone, and jowls and hooded eyes will be diminished.

Isn’t that worth investing in?

It costs just £55, for all those plus the videos you can keep for good.

Want to join Jane Mann?

The course is starting on Monday 22nd March

Go HERE to book your place! 

Prefer to pay via BACS? Text Jane Mann on 07961224560 to arrange an invoice or to ask any questions

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