New era, new make-up: just a few new additions to my make-up bag

I know I have been banging on about my new pared down make-up look which is as a result of lockdown, but with this new era comes a new make-up. So when Michelle of Mishel make-up sent me some of her new make-up line I couldn’t resist getting back in front of my make-up mirror and having a go. (Scroll to bottom of post to see video demo)

Michelle Daniels and Shelley Greenham are leading Make-Up Artists in the TV, film and celebrity industry. A vast array of actresses and celebrities have benefitted from the skill and creativity of these two wonderful Artists.

Mishel make-up from post: New era, new make-up: just a few new additions to my make-up bag

Michelle and Shelley’s inside knowledge of celebrity makeup secrets have influenced the creation of their own make up range. They know that good quality make-up, applied well, can make you look sensational leaving you feeling empowered and confident.

And they also share the belief that beauty does not have to be complicated.

Michelle and Shelley have spent years creating the Mishel brand, which delivers a quality make-up range honed down to easy-to-make choices in colour and style.

The thing is when you get older applying make-up is such a finely honed skill. Apart from the fact that you can’t see as well so need magnifying mirrors – no more slapping it on in the car mirror – you also need to apply it sparingly and yet attempt to cover up more imperfections. When we were young the cheapest lipstick from Woolworths looked great. Now the products we apply have to work a lot harder.

I must explain that I met Michelle when I had my make-up done at This Morning TV. She is a superb make-up artist used to dealing with the best and the worst of skins with a minimum amount of time and no photo-shopping as on a fashion shoot for a magazine. I was impressed by her skills then and left the studio armed with her fabulous brow balm that covers all my grey brow hairs – see the review here. I have been using it ever since.

However they have now expanded their make-up range and here are three of the products that I have tried out.


I am not the best at applying eye shadow, as it either looks like I haven’t bothered or I look like I have a black eye. However my lids are not as one-coloured and smooth as they used to be so I am always searching for a shadow that will cover those imperfections up.

And yes I have found that perfect colour in the Mishel eyeshadow palette.

The palette is made up of five beautiful matte colours, which can be built up to create fabulous definition to your eyes. However Mishel suggest the lightest colour (273), can be used as a highlighter and a base colour for the eye. It should be applied using their Flat Shadow Brush. The colour is a sort of pinky-putty colour but it makes my eyes pop a lot more than any other shadow I have ever used. During the daytime it looks as it you aren’t wearing anything and then in the evening, if I am going out, I use one of the middle three colours on my eye socket bone or just at the outer edge to give my eyes a bit more pzazz!

The shadows can be used wet or dry, creating a more intense colour. I use the fifth colour (shadow 281) as an eye liner, again using the eye liner brush from the Mishel brush set – see below.

So no need now to keep hunting for that perfect lid cover up as I have found it.


Blusher is another make-up product that girlfriends often ask for recommendations. You want something that brightens up your face giving it a bit of a lift however you don’t want to look like Coco the Clown. The other complaint that I have about blusher is that it does not last.

Again Mishel have worked hard to produce a mineral blusher that is saturated with pigment so you need just a bare flick of the brush to colour your cheek bones.

The Mishel blusher gives a lovely sheen which really helps to brighten a mature skin. I have tried Coral Sun which is my favourite, a lovely peachy colour and Teaberry which is a beautiful natural shade. I was not used to a blusher having so much colour so it took a few applications for me to learn how to apply them. However I now love how they look and feel.

The blushers include vitamin A C and E, which are all anti-oxidant vitamins that help to protect cells from free radical damage. So they are both pretty and active.


I think make-up brushes are the most overlooked product on our dressing tables. How often have you replaced your brushes? Do you clean them regularly? The answer to the latter question is a no from me! If you haven’t replaced your brushes for some time I can solve this issue. Mishel has created the perfect set – the Bespoke Makeup Brush set.

In this gold bag you have a brush for all your needs. Starting with an eyeliner, lip brush, eyebrow, eyeshadow blender, blusher/powder brush and foundation brush. However if you don’t want to completely replace all your brushes they can be bought individually. So try one out.

All of the Mishel brushes are handmade in the UK and are cruelty-free. They are all available in handbag and regular lengths.

P.S. Read all the testimonials where everyone raves about the Mishel Foundation. I have not tried it but if all the other products I have used are anything to go by then I am sure the foundation lives up to the hype. It is next on my list. Mishel will send you a complimentary test kit so you can find your correct colour.