You’ll be glad you know about this excellent Non-Stick Cookware

How many of us have bought inexpensive non-stick cookware only to find it doesn’t last very long before it starts peeling? One thing I know for sure, you get what you pay for in the kitchen. As we are all about sharing great ideas and positive purchases here at A&G, we think you should know about Circulon…

In 1985, Circulon created the first ever non-stick cookware. Over the years this innovative brand has continued to refine its advanced technology to produce a truly durable non-stick range of superior kitchen pans. It’s this that helps us makes our home cooking fast, easy, healthy and delicious.

Circulon has teamed up with renowned chef Marcus Wareing who uses SteelShield™ cookware both at home and in his professional kitchen. This is what he has to say about Circulon:

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You need to know about this excellent Non-Stick Cookware from Circulon

I’ve been testing out their SteelShield™ Nonstick Stainless Steel C-Series Chef Pan – and I’ve found a new friend!

I was a little non-plussed when I unpacked the pan to see a large metal spoon was included – yep, the pan’s surface is that tough!

It’s because there are stainless steel rings in the interior of the pan which are slightly raised therefore protecting the advanced nonstick surface from scratches.

Unlike other brands, Circulon pans also have a non-stick exterior. This means your entire pan won’t stain, scratch or chip. Well, it’s come out of my dishwasher clean as a whistle every time and continues to look reassuringly brand new.

I am a bit of a messy cook and so really appreciate the high sides of this pan which have prevented my usual spillages. It’s very good quality – sturdy but not too heavy and the lid handle is heat-proof (did I mention I’m also clumsy?) In fact, I’ve been using this chef pan constantly since I got it. Such an improvement on my existing shabby looking pan (which is now in the bin).

So, to sum up Circulon –

  • Cooks like steel, cleans like non-stick
  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • No more scratched pans or flaking
  • Heats up to 20% quicker than other brands
  • Triple-clad base gives even heat distribution, no hot spots
  • Unparalleled non-stick durability
  • Stay-cool handles
  • Oven safe so perfect from hob, to oven, to table
  • Easy to clean / dishwasher proof

Circulon’s kitchen cookware range has everything from roasting tins, skillets, saucepans, woks and stockpots to trays, cake tins and accessories.

If your non-stick saucepan is looking a little tired and patchy, why not check out Circulon’s website. Free UK delivery and some brilliant Black Friday deals until midnight Monday 29 November. Full details here

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