Nordgreen Watches: For The Discerning And Fashionable Timekeeper

Isn’t it funny how watches went out of fashion briefly because smart phones took over as our go-to-for-everything gadget, including time-keeping. However watches have now had a resurgence in popularity and women are wearing much larger faced watches. This suits us as we can then read the time more easily! However if we are going to wear a watch we want a stylish one that looks good, keeps the time accurately and is also affordable. So along came Nordgreen watches, Scandinavian Designer watches. We are all so into everything Scandi as it seems they seem to be so on-trend with their lifestyle, from the home and cooking through to design and fashion. The Danes are the most understated fashion lovers and like us, at The CountryWives, they love all things affordable that incorporates style and functionality.

Jakob Wagner - Nordgreen watches designer
Jakob Wagner – Nordgreen designer

Jakob Wagner is the Nordgreen designer and he has won numerous awards. He has designed headsets for Bang & Olufsen, diving computers and he has even designed a firefighter breathing apparatus that’s featured in MoMA. Jakob is known for understanding user behaviour, simplistic design, superb craftsmanship, and functionality beyond what you even thought was functionality. So no wonder Nordgreen wanted him to design their watches.

Nordgreen Watches - Native with silver mesh strap
Native with silver mesh strap

I visited Copenhagen for the first time last year and fell in love with their ethical lifestyle, their love of home – the shops close on Sundays to give downtime for family. Homes are decorated in a minimalistic style, but capturing a warmth and calm that makes them very appealing. Meanwhile city life is exciting and cutting edge; we experienced some of the best food we have ever eaten in Copenhagen, which was always presented in an innovative way. Jakob Wagner has encapsulated this flexible spirit in the Nordgreen watches. They combine this simplicity with pioneering design. When I put my Nordgreen watch on in the morning it is like putting on a favourite piece of jewellery. It works with casual outfits, jeans and shirts, and looks clean and cutting edge. It also looks feminine and delicate when paired with a summer dress. It is a remarkable achievement to combine this flexibility in one watch.

There are three watch models – Philosopher, Infinity and Native. They are available in various sizes and the leather straps are interchangeable. They are not only for women but there is also a very comprehensive men’s collection – a great gift for the man in your life.

Nordgreen, whilst making these watches affordable, with typical Scandinavian thoughtfulness, they have also partnered with three charities so that with every watch purchase someone less fortunate benefits. You as the customer get to choose which charity you want your money to go to. When you receive your watch you then go back on to the website and click on the Giving Back Program page and then choose your charity and enter the serial number. These are the three charities to choose from:

  • Water for Good, will give two months of clean water to one person in The Central African Republic.
  • Cool Earth will preserve 50 sqm of rain forest in Latin America.
  • Pratham UK will give two months of education to a child in India.
Nordgreen Watches Infinity Rose Gold Mesh
Infinity Rose Gold Mesh

Grace adds, “I love the styling ie that it is large but flat, so not too bulky. Also easier to wear as doesn’t get caught on sleeves etc. I especially like the white face and strap as although a big watch, it still looks feminine. The dial detail is delicate and attractive but even I can read the time without my glasses.”

We both love our Nordgreen watches – we have two leather interchangeable straps, white and navy (no surprises there!) which can be swapped using the quick release spring bars. They are understated but look contemporary, work perfectly, and are timeless in their design. What more could you ask for in a watch?

If you’d like to have a look at the Nordgreen website, click here.

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